Area Committees

Endeavour Foundation has ten Area Committees made up of Endeavour Foundation members. Area Committee members are ambassadors who advocate for people with a disability in their community and give feedback to Endeavour Foundation – providing comment on the effectiveness and appropriateness of our services, and advising on appropriate policies and directions.

Area Committees add real value by revitalising local participation in, and support for, Endeavour Foundation. They provide a link between the local community and the Board of Directors, and also develop our profile to open doors for business and fundraising opportunities.

Join an Area Committee

Details of your local Area Committee are listed in the map below, which highlights the coverage area and pinpoints the meeting location for each committee. If you would like to know more, or would like to become a member of your local Area Committee, please contact the Area Committee Chairperson by clicking on your local area or meeting point.

Area Committee meeting dates

2019 Area Committee election results