The new world of disability employment

As Australia's largest disability employer, we're leading the way to a better and more diverse employment future.

Change starts here

Everyone has the right to a good job. While employment can offer financial security, it is much more than that. It provides dignity, self- respect, friendships, connection and personal growth.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for anyone who wants to work. We create possibilities for people in our communities and turn them into realities.

We all have different employment journeys. We want to cater to as many people as we can to help them find suitable and fulfilling jobs. So we offer a number of different services to help achieve those goals.

Employment pathways

Disability social enterprises

This service offers tailored roles for people living with disability, focused on training and employment in a highly supportive Disability Social Enterprise environment. This allows people to be employed directly by Endeavour Foundation —the start of a long-term career or a springboard to more.

Supported hosted employment

We provide opportunities for people living with disability to be employed in a mainstream workplace, with a high level of support— paid and supported by Endeavour Foundation, but working at another location.

Our Defence Assistance Program employs people with disability at ten Australian Defence Force bases in roles that enable Defence Force personnel to focus on Australia’s Defence mission.

Supported independent employment

This is an opportunity for people to take the next step as a mainstream employee, and continue access to some workplace support provided by Endeavour Foundation.

Mainstream employment

Mainstream employment is the ultimate goal for many people living with disability. We support and celebrate this ambition, knowing the journey may be short or long, depending on the interests, skills, experiences and needs of each person.

Employment services

Disability employment services

We operate a range of funded programs to support people living with a disability to enter and stay in the workforce. For more information visit here.

Return-to-work support

This program specifically helps parents with children under six years old to reach their education and training goals and get back into work. For more information visit here.

Employer Services

Endeavour Foundation provides coaching and education programs about disability employment designed to support inclusive workplaces and extend opportunities for mainstream employment. For more information visit here.

Skills development

Vocational skills training

We offer programs that develop skills in a wide range of vocational sectors through dedicated training and work experience. For more information visit here.

Traineeships and apprenticeships

We operate a trainee and apprenticeship scheme that starts people on their journey to a brighter future while they’re being paid and learning valuable skills. For more information visit here.

Accredited learning

Our accredited RTO programs help job seekers to take advantage of funded training and employment support. For more information visit here.

The new world of disability employment