Learning and Lifestyle

Our Learning and Lifestyle hubs are fun, welcoming day programs designed for people with disability who want to learn more, do more and know more.

What is a Learning and Lifestyle hub?

Our Learning and Lifestyle hubs are for people with disability to come together to learn new skills and be social. We create a safe and supportive environment, where everyone is welcome. Our activities are tailored to your unique needs and interests. We work with you to achieve your goals and support you to live the life you want.

Every Learning and Lifestyle hub is unique, offering different activity calendars and opportunities within the community. One thing is always the same - we focus on you, your passions and your individual goals.

Thrive Learning

Thrive Learning is an educational program that supports you to develop your skills. Our friendly staff will support you at a pace that’s right for you.

Virtual Reality

Whether it’s social activities, managing money or developing new work skills, practising it virtually it means you’re learning these actions in a safe, fun and engaging way.

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Endeavour Foundation Connect app

Endeavour Foundation Connect is our purpose-built gateway to easy, fast communication between you and your family no matter where they are in the world.

Using a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, you and your family will be able to see your progress and talk about the stories and photos of you in action, having fun, or tackling something you’ve never done before.

A great way for families and carers to stay informed online, the Endeavour Foundation Connect app provides:

  • easy-to-click icons.
  • a secure online environment.
  • our newsletter.
  • your Learning and Lifestyle hub activities calendar.
  • photos and stories about you, posted by our educators.
  • photos posted by your family showing your new skills in action.
  • a place for family to show their friends what you are achieving.



What kind of activities can I do?

Every Learning and Lifestyle hub has a different slightly different activity calendar. At our Learning and Lifestyle hubs you will find:

  • Thrive Learning.
  • healthy living and exercise opportunities.
  • life skills, such as cooking or catching public transport.
  • recreation activities
Do you have pick up and drop off services?

Yes! We organise transport for pick up and drop off. Get in touch with your local Learning and Lifestyle hub to learn more.

How long does it take to get started?

If you are keen to join a Learning and Lifestyle hub, you can start within 5 business days of getting in touch.

Where do the programs run?

If you are keen to join a Learning and Lifestyle hub, you can start within 5 business days of getting in touch.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Get in touch with our friendly team, they will organise a tour of the Learning and Lifestyle hub.

Where can I find a Learning and Lifestyle hub?

With dozens of locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria there’s a good chance we have a Learning and Lifestyle hub near you. Each location has its own activity calendar of activities that matter to you. Our dedicated team plan the calendars and activities with you to make sure that we’re supporting your goals and passions.


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