Whistleblower service

Report a concern

BDO is an external and independent whistleblower reporting service.

Engaged by Endeavour Foundation, they host a hotline specifically for employees and other stakeholders to report concerns of illegal or unethical behaviours and misconduct, including:

  • Fraud
  • Misuse of property
  • Breach of policies, bribes, corruption, abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Unlawful workplace practices such as harassment and bullying
  • Any other breaches of trust.

We encourage you to raise your concerns directly with us; however, if you do not wish to or feel uncomfortable, please contact BDO.

All reports received by BDO are provided to our Audit and Risk Committee Chairman and Internal Auditor.

BDO will not disclose the identity of a complainant without permission.

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BDO contact details

1300 408 955

[email protected]

Level 10, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane Qld 4000

GPO Box 457, Brisbane Qld 4001