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A bit about us in South West Queensland

West of the metro hub of Queensland you’ll find South West Queensland. With a solid understanding of what matters in the region, we value world class disability support and are always finding new and engagaging ways to support adults with disability in our region.

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A message from our local Area Committee

We know that being a parent and carer in the age of the NDIS is not an easy gig. Our Area Committee offers support and guidance for our local communities, as well as working collaboratively within our regions to further promote the importance of an inclusive society for people with disability.

One of our flagship events for the South West region is the annual Ball for All in Toowoomba, an inclusive celebration enjoyed by people with disability, their families and friends, and the wider community. As an Area Committee we’re proud to support the fundraising, partnerships and overall organisation of the event.

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South West Qld Area Committee Endeavour Foundation

Meeting Calendar 2023

Area Committees provide feedback on matters of policy and broad service provision of Endeavour Foundation and its services. They build and maintain strong community relationships which are vital to achieving Endeavour Foundation's goals on behalf of people with a disability.

Come along and find out what South West QLD Area Committee is all about!

TIME: Monday at 3:30 pm

Endeavour Foundation Industries Toowoomba, 201-219 Ramsay Street, Toowoomba
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February 6th
April 3rd
June 5th
August 7th
October 9th
November 20th

For more information contact:

Paul Currie
Area Committee Chair
Email: SWAC@endeavour.com.au