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A bit about us in Wide Bay

Here in the Wide Bay region, we are extremely passionate about seeing people with disability achieve their goals and do the things that are important to them. With home, work and community services stretching through the whole region, we are proud of providing industry-leading support.

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A message from our local Area Committee

The Wide Bay Area Committee is made up of a group of people who champion the rights of people with disability in Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg and Gympie, with representatives from each city.

Endeavour Foundation supports hundreds of people with disability in the Wide Bay area and as an Area Committee we are committed to helping them. We work closely with local Councils and businesses and are a passionate group of fundraisers. We are proud to advocate for people with disability within our local communities.

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Wide Bay Area Committee Endeavour Foundation

Meeting Calendar 2023

Area Committees provide feedback on matters of policy and broad service provision of Endeavour Foundation and its services. They build and maintain strong community relationships which are vital to achieving Endeavour Foundation's goals on behalf of people with a disability.

Come along and find out what Wide Bay Area Committee is all about!

TIME: Thursday at 11am

VENUE: Microsoft Teams

February 9th - Bundaberg
April 13th - Maryborough
June 1st – Hervey Bay
August 3rd – Maryborough
October 5th - Maryborough
December 7th - Gympie

For more information contact:

Gerry Crotty
Area Committee Chair

Email: companysecretary@endeavour.com.au