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Endeavour Foundation was founded in Brisbane, and our legacy of creating opportunities for people with disability is as strong as ever in this region. Brisbane Metro is home to our highest concentration of services including our Support Centre. We are proud to support hundreds of people with disability in this region.

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Brisbane Metropolitan Area Advisory Group

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Area Advisory Groups build and maintain strong community relationships which are vital to achieving Endeavour Foundation's goals on behalf of people with disability. Members of our Area Advisory Groups are community members and/or parents or carers of people with disability who are supported by our services. Area Advisory Groups welcome new members, to find out more please email [email protected].

Come along and find out what Brisbane Metropolitan Area Advisory Group is about!

TIME: Tuesdays at 4:30pm

VENUES: Carindale Room, Endeavour Foundation Support Centre, 33 Corporate Drive, Cannon Hill

6 February
19 March
11 June
15 October

For more information contact:

Advisory Group Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 1800 112 112