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Endeavour Foundation was founded in Brisbane, and our legacy of creating opportunities for people with disability is as strong as ever in this region. Brisbane Metro is home to our highest concentration of services including our Support Centre. We are proud to support hundreds of people with disability in this region.

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A message from our local Area Committee

Our Brisbane Metro Area Committee covers a wide geographical region across Brisbane City, Redlands, Ipswich and Logan. We're proud of the active and progressive nature of Endeavour Foundation services in this region, offering important services to people with disability. As a committee we have a keen focus on championing the rights of people with disability in our local community. We also coordinate a parent and family support group meeting monthly where we invite guest speakers from our community and also offer families the opportunity to network and share experiences.

Brisbane Metropolitan Area Committee

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Brisbane Metropolitan Area Committee Endeavour Foundation

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Area Committees provide feedback on matters of policy and broad service provision of Endeavour Foundation and its services. They build and maintain strong community relationships which are vital to achieving Endeavour Foundation's goals on behalf of people with a disability.

Come along and find out what Brisbane Metro Area Committee is all about!

TIME: Tuesday at 4:30pm

Cannon Hill
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February 7th
March 7th
May 2nd
June 13th
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November 14th
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For more information contact:

Alison Semple
Area Committee Chair
Email: BMAC@endeavour.com.au