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We offer a dynamic range of supports, programs and activities aimed at supporting people with disability to learn daily living skills and connect with their community.

Community services at Endeavour Foundation

We are keen to see people with disability achieve their goals. Often this means getting out into the community, making friends and learning new skills. Our community services are safe, fun and always focused on helping our clients do the things that matter to them.

Who our community services are suitable for

We specialise in supporting people with disability learn daily living skills and be part of their local community. These services are perfect for:

  • People who want to take steps towards living an independent life
  • People who want to develop daily living skills
  • People who are keen to connect with others
  • People who are wanting to engage in their local community but need a bit of support to do so
  • People who are wanting to make friends and strengthen relationships
  • People who are keen to learn new things.

We currently run community programs across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Get in touch to discuss what might work for you and your client.

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