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David Swain introduces My Career
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"My Career program for all frontline employees in Service Delivery"

The My Career program provides an opportunity for us to better support you in identifying and working towards your career aspirations at Endeavour Foundation.

By understanding what drives you and what brings you happiness in your work, we can help you map your own path.

We want to give you the tools, skills and insights to shape your career and the support you need to make your dreams a reality!

There are many options available to you and your path will be different to others, but this is about identifying what’s right for you.

Knowing exactly what you want to do or achieve in your career does not come easily to everyone. It takes time, reflection, and commitment to seek out opportunities and work on your career development.

We’ve compiled tools to support the process, so you can identify your values, what you want to become, how you can measure your success and how you can achieve your goals.

Career Pathways

The skills and experience gained as a support worker provide opportunities for career growth, development, and progression. Some of the pathways may include:

Become a Leader

You want to upskill to manage people and take on more responsibility.

Change Paths

You want to gain experience in another area.

Grow and Learn

You want to become the best you can be in your current role.

Career Families

There are six “career families” at Endeavour Foundation, depicted on the outside of the circle below.

Scroll down for links to Career Family Success Stories and Success Profiles for the positions inside the Career Family circle.

My Career Diagram

Success Profiles

Career Stories


What is My Career?

My Career is a program created to support the career development of Endeavour Foundation’s frontline employees. It equips people with the resources, knowledge and skills to figure out what they want from their career and helps them create a plan in line with their aspirations and the possibilities available at Endeavour Foundation.

What is the process?

Frontline employees in Home & Community and Work Divisions can download a My Career introduction booklet from the My Career Intranet or Extranet pages. To participate, follow the prompts (in the booklet):

  1. Register interest for the on-line career development tool and a career planning workshop.
  2. Complete the activities and reflections in the career development tool.
  3. Attend a career planning workshop.
  4. Finalise a career development plan.

Is participation compulsory?

Participation is voluntary. The program is suitable for employees interested in developing their career at Endeavour Foundation.

How long do I have to complete the program?

The workshops are available in the first quarter of 2023. If you cannot attend a workshop, you can complete the on-line career development tool whenever it suits you to do so.

Will I be paid to attend?

Yes. You will be paid to attend the career workshops at your normal hourly rate.

If I don't want to be a leader, should I complete the program?

Yes. The program also explores several career paths outside of leadership.

How can I find out more?