Great Endeavour Rally raises record funds for people with disability

On Saturday, October 16, long time #TeamPossible supported employee Karl stood at the front of a hall in the Charleville RSL and shared something special.

“This has been an excellent experience. I know that what I do each day at work and chasing other goals, it wouldn’t be possible without you”.

These were the words Karl shared to an eager audience of nearly two hundred people at the end of a grand off-road adventure. As Karl spoke, you could see how his honesty was changing the energy of the room. The community of adventure seeking supporters listening in, all of whom had gone the extra mile to make this experience and its impact the best it can be, could see why they were part of this annual drive to parts unknown.

In 2021, the Great Endeavour Rally and the community of outstanding people known as the rally family proved that there’s anything is possible if you’ve got a goal and the right people around you.

The 2021 adventure, dubbed “the Simpson Desert Adventure”, was postponed twice due to lockdowns and border restrictions but ultimately more than 43 teams banded together to raise more than $578,000 for Endeavour Foundation, a record-breaking total.

Endeavour Foundation Event Specialist Nathan Woolhouse, who played a major part in enabling the rally family and getting the event on the road, said “The rally bounced back, we had the highest number of entrants we’ve seen in years and raised an astonishing amount of money for people with disability, despite the fact that some of our entrants couldn’t get across the border from New South Wales.”

Along for the ride were three supported employees, who were able to connect with the people working hard to make their dreams come true and see the best sights this country has to offer.
This year, the lucky three included our friends Karl and Tammie from Wacol Business Solutions, and Matt from Burleigh Business Solution. Throughout the trip, this intrepid trio jumped in a packed 4WD alongside their support workers and saw corners of Australia rarely explored.

From Birdsville and the Dig Tree to epic sand dunes and traditional homesteads, Karl, Matt and Tammie saw things very few Australians have ever had the chance to see. All the while, they also built connections with new friends, and grew their confidence with the help of the rally family.

“It was my second time on the rally. I actually went on the rally seven years ago in 2014 but my experience this time was even better,” Tammie said.

“The bit I enjoyed the most was Big Red and seeing all the cars go up the big sand dunes around the corner - it was really good.”

Matt, who had applied to be on the rally multiple times over the years, almost thought the trip would never happen.

“This was my fourth time applying to be on the rally and I thought COVID would mean a no go, but here I am.”

“I have always wanted to experience Western Queensland and see what’s out there. It was awesome doing it alongside the rally crew.”

Now, with the adventure behind him, he, like Karl, is seeing things differently and considering even bigger goals for his life.

“I really, really want to learn more about being a mechanic. To do more with cars for fun and for others, and maybe someday have my own car out there on the Great Endeavour Rally”.

The money fundraised by this year’s rally participants will feed into the Thrive Learning program, which aims to make the goals of people like Matt become possible.

Comprised of a growing list of life and workplace skills-development resources, Thrive Learning is helping people with intellectual disability to work and thrive in their own way each day.
While the impacts might not be seen tomorrow, the rally family see that the Thrive program is a chance to give Karl confidence on the job, to help Tammie explore more of the wider world, and for Matt to chase interesting new dreams.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of our participants, and the support of the 2021 rally sponsors - UV4X4, OZtrail, Companion, Campfire, Enerdrive and Transport Field Service.

It truly was the adventure of a lifetime.

The 2021 Great Endeavour Rally route

Scrutineering was held at Nindigully on 7 October with a welcome dinner and overnight stay in St George. The rally left St George on Friday 8 October, stopping at Hungerford (8 Oct), Cameron Corner (9 Oct), The Dig Tree (10 Oct), Betoota (11 Oct), Big Red Camp (12 Oct), Birdsville (13 Oct), the Mystery Stop (14 Oct), Adavale (15 Oct) and crossed the finish line in Charleville on Saturday 16 October.

Great Endeavour Rally