“Girls can do anything!” - meet Danielle

Danielle is here to show us just what she can do. Danielle works in Southport, on the Gold Coast.

Her mantra? Don’t let anything hold you back.

“Yes, I have a disability, but I’m married, I own a house, I have a dog, I have my license and a car and I can solve just about any problem you can throw at me,” she said.

She also has a forklift licence and operates a forklift at work. “I’m just so proud of myself.

The staff and crew at Southport were so supportive in helping me get my licence.

We were in a meeting one day about goals and stuff and I said, “You know, I’m going to get my forklift licence.”

You don’t see many girls getting on the forklift and that’s something that I wanted to change.”

Danielle is hoping that there will be women inspired by reading this story.

For those ladies she has this message

“Girls can do anything! If it makes you happy, I think you should go for it! We can do whatever we put our minds to.”

When asked where her can-do attitude comes from, she has a simple answer.

“It’s just me, it’s just the way I am. Sometimes I’m quiet, but that’s never a bad thing.”

“I just love helping people. I love to be useful, and I love to help out. Whether it’s a customer in the tip shop, or a colleague, if I can be nice and put a smile on their face then that makes me happy,” she said.

When asked about the future, Danielle says she’s already on the right path.

“It’s amazing what you can achieve.

I already have my 5-year forklift certification, now let’s see if we can go for 10! It would be wonderful to be here at work in another five years,” she said.

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