Embracing independence at home: Meet Jenny!

Born and bred local, Jenny, thrives living independently, in the calm and capable Endeavour Foundation Supported Independent Living units in Cannonvale.

For Jenny, the ability to govern herself, create and hold her own routines and be independent has been life changing.

She works hard to keep her space clean, dedicated to vacuuming and mopping, cleaning the dishes, and cooking for herself.

Jenny has been living in SIL for over two years, and she hasn’t looked back once.

“Jenny has worked really hard to be independent,” Jody Flaherty, Endeavour Foundation’s Home and Community Site Manager explained.

“I make my bed every day, do the washing up, cooking and clean the floors,” Jenny said.

Aligning with Jenny’s goal of staying fit and healthy, she has also recently joined a gym.

“I bike a lot, and go for walks,” Jenny said.

“And I have a diet. My favourite meal is salads. But it’s all about portion control!”

Jenny likes to keep busy. Monday to Wednesday she joins the groups at the Learning and Lifestyle hub at Endeavour Foundation, and Thursday and Friday she works with the Reef Gateway Hotel.

Working with the Reef Gateway Hotel for 13 years now, Jenny has done everything from housekeeping and barkeeping to reception work.

“She even has her RSA for the hotel,” Jody explained.

Leading an independent and well-rounded lifestyle is something Jenny was looking to achieve; her SIL home choices and the support from Endeavour Foundation has enabled her to live this reality.

With three SIL units available at the Cannonvale location, each hosting two individuals with shared common areas and independent and private quarters, residents can feel safe and secure.

With around the clock support, in the form of 24/7 staffing hours, the freedom to design how the space looks, with access to all activities, SIL allows for empowered and positive living.

Jenny and her housemate often watch TV together and catch up on the news.

And what is Jenny’s secret to living independently?

“Good time management.”

Jody agreed, “Jenny is always on time, always organised, with her bag packed. She always makes sure she is ready to go and take on the day.”

Are you ready to start your road to independence at home? Learn more about Supported Independent Living or explore one of our Learning and Lifestyle hubs.