Managing personal expenses

Introducing ProMaster - our online expense management system making managing financial expenditure easier.

ProMaster manages the expenses in a fast, smart, and digitally secure way.

Benefits of ProMaster

  • ProMaster streamlines personal expenses.
  • It is a quick and easy system to use.
  • It instantly converts paper receipts into a digital form - that can be viewed in real-time.

Financial administrators

Staff pay expenses using a corporate card.

These transactions are reconciled to a person’s account and appear on their monthly statements. Refer to the user guide How to read a statement.

To pay for the expenses, financial administrators can set up a direct debit, pay over the phone or use BPAY. Refer to the user guide How to pay.

Accessing ProMaster

To access a ProMaster account, our team must create unique login details for each user.

If we do not have your details on file, we will contact you directly.

You can also call our team on 07 3900 5455 or email Refer to the user guide How to enrol in ProMaster.

User Guides

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