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Support Coordinator webinars

Endeavour Foundation has partnered with Support Coordination Academy to bring you free online professional learning sessions for Support Coordinators.

Each webinar topic is chosen in collaboration with Support Coordination Academy and Endeavour Foundation to address relevant issues for Support Coordinators at the time. During the sessions, participants receive valued insights on supporting their clients more effectively. We incorporate live Q&A, polls, and chat for enhanced learning.

About the presenter

Mary Ingerton is the Managing Director at Support Coordination Academy. With more than 20 years’ experience in the human services sector across community, government and private practice, Mary has worked directly with families and people with disability to support them to live their best lives.


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Support coordination hours - how to manage the limited hours - available

Topics covered include:

  • Planning and prioritising how to support a participant.
  • How to forecast and track support coordination hours.
  • Strategies to manage support coordination hours.
Support coordination and person-centred planning

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding what a person-centred approach means.
  • The difference between person-centred and service-centred approaches.
  • How to support a participant to share what’s important to them.

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Support Coordinator hot topics uncovered

Guest blogger Mary Ingerton, Managing Director at Support Coordination Academy, talks through hot topics in the Support Coordinator world.

Meet Mary Ingerton

Mary has more than 20 years’ experience in human services across community, government, and private sectors. From working directly with families and people with disability, to steering diverse teams, her expertise spans operations, growth, and complex problem-solving.

Mary’s knowledge of Support Coordination business management and training has also influenced the direction of Support Coordination Software, a business and participant management software specifically designed for Support Coordination providers.

Mary’s expertise is continually shaping NDIS excellence nationwide.

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