Virtual Reality

Endeavour Foundation’s virtual reality learning supports you to develop and practice work and daily life skills.

What is virtual reality?

Imagine stepping into a world where you can do anything! Visit different locations, try new activities and learn new skills. Virtual reality is a fun mix of education, gaming, and exploration.

Virtual reality is a technology where you can immerse in an environment that feels real. The environment is interactive, and you can play out different scenarios. You choose your learning goals and practise new skills in a safe and fun environment. This allows you to feel confident in your skills before trying them in real life.

Develop your skills with virtual reality

Whether it is managing money or learning to drive a forklift, practising the skill virtually means you’re learning in a safe and fun way. Our team of expert educators have created a range of learning experiences that are as close to real life as possible, with scenarios that look like where you live or work so that you can recognise the sounds and sights as you practice.

Learn driving skills

Want to get your driver’s licence? Start learning road safety and what it feels like to drive a car. Take the driver's seat with virtual reality, practice highway driving, parking, driving in school zones, and identifying road hazards.

Train safety

Accessing trains and other public transport gives you more access to the world, to do the things you love. With train safety you will practice a range of activities to safely access trains, such as accessibility, crossing roads and understanding safe zones.

Barista training

We can already smell the coffee brewing! In this module you will explore and participate in all the steps required to become a successful barista. Learn where coffee beans come from, all the way through to making your first cup of barista-quality coffee.

Pedestrian safety

Being able to cross the road, identify hazards and safely travel to your destination is important. In pedestrian safety you will learn what to do and how to react when using public roads.

Join a Learning and Lifestyle hub today

Our Learning and Lifestyle hubs offer virtual reality learning with our Thrive Learning program.

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