Talking about taboos is the first step to change

None of us like to hear difficult things.

But for people with intellectual disability, one of the greatest barriers to inclusion comes from the negative attitudes and stigmatising beliefs that persist in society.

Endeavour Foundation has commissioned social attitudes research to find out whether the misinformed and discriminatory attitudes of the past remain prevalent in society today.

Our aim was to gather and measure these opinions in the context of the changing world of the NDIS, and use the findings to raise awareness, challenge the status quo, and advocate for change.

The reality is that many people with intellectual disability face exclusion - and sometimes outright hostility - as they participate in the life of Australian communities.

We don’t think it’s good enough to simply observe the stigma that people face, without taking action.

We believe it is important to call out negative attitudes, expose stigmatising beliefs to the light of day, and encourage Australians to value every member of our community.

We hope by sharing this research, people will start to understand the negative impact of stigma and be challenged to change.

Over the coming months Endeavour Foundation will continue to release the findings of this research and the full report will be released in due course.

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