Statement on Senate Select Committee on Autism

We rarely hear good news for people with autism. Living with an invisible disability, they are often misunderstood, criticised and penalised for neurological differences they cannot control.

Worse yet is the industry of so-called cures, preying on those who are desperate for solutions.

That’s why I welcome the establishment of a senate select committee to inquire into “services, support and life outcomes for autistic people in Australia”.

We are quick to criticise our politicians for holding too many public inquiries; but this time they have got it right, by looking into an issue that profoundly affects the daily lives of thousands of Australians.

It’s vitally important that we identify best practice diagnosis and supports, and understand why autistic girls fly under the radar, missing out on early intervention.

Endeavour Foundation hopes the senate select committee will be the first step towards systemic change and better life outcomes for people of all ages, living with autism.

Andrew Donne

CEO, Endeavour Foundation