Letter to Editors: NDIS sustainability matters and employment is a key

It is vital to ensure the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) remains viable in the long term and focused on the original intent: to support people with significant, permanent disabilities.

We welcome the decision to target lower growth levels (8% per annum by July 2026) and to further moderate growth over time.

State and territory governments can help to stem NDIS growth by making education, health, transport, housing, and public service employment more accessible.

The NDIS was built on the goal that more people with a disability could work, with better support in daily life and on the job.

Increasing employment will boost wellbeing and independence and reduce reliance on government supports. Getting more people with disability into the workforce is an important means of reducing NDIS costs.

Yet only 27% of Australians with profound disabilities participate in the labour force - a number that has not improved in the past 20 years - while 93% of people with disability experience difficulties in finding work.

Endeavour Foundation is working hard to offer contemporary career options, tailored training and pathways to mainstream jobs for people with a disability.

Now we need government agencies and private companies to open their doors - and their minds - to employing people living with disability as well.

David Swain, CEO – Endeavour Foundation