Statement by Endeavour Foundation CEO David Swain, regarding the NDIS Review

We welcome the report of the Independent NDIS Review that was released today, and the many sensible recommendations of the review panel.

Endeavour Foundation strongly support the goal of returning the NDIS to its original intent, and we look forward to seeing people with a disability involved in guiding these positive changes, particularly:

  • more support outside of the NDIS, and help to find it,
  • early autism intervention and a new psychosocial recovery model,
  • equal access to comprehensive assessments, and
  • safer support through regulation of all providers.

We were however disappointed to see little emphasis on the role of employment, as a means to increase confidence, independence and economic security, and a way of reducing reliance on providers, and growth of the NDIS.

Endeavour Foundation applauds the work done by state and federal governments to reach agreement to date, and we look forward to working with governments and the NDIA towards better support for Australians living with a disability.