Australia’s all abilities battle of the bands goes online

For the first time ever on International Day of People with Disability (3 Dec), Endeavour Foundation’s all abilities Battle of the Bands is going live to the world – online.   

Battle of the Bands has been a live music event for nearly a decade, with performers taking to the stage at locations including The J in Noosa and Brisbane’s iconic Eatons Hill Hotel.

However, with a global pandemic throwing everything into disarray, Endeavour Foundation wanted to hold the much-loved event while also ensuring the health and safety of people with disability. 
The solution was an online event, meaning 184 performers with disability across 21 acts will still have the chance to show off their talents and love of music but in a new way.

Jayden Sturgess, who is legally blind and lives with an intellectual disability, performed with “The Windsorella’s” at the Eatons Hill Hotel event last year and said he was thrilled that the event was still on.

“It’s wonderful to perform on stage, but I know that we can’t do that this year,” Mr Sturgess said. 

“But just being able to sing is great because I love singing. When I sing, it makes me feel blessed."

“I love performing, I love entertaining people. I’m definitely an entertainer, no doubt about it.”

Eric Teed, Endeavour Foundation’s General Manager for Community, said that the event is a highlight for many of their customers.

“We wanted to make the event happen for the people we support and by going virtual, even more people will have the opportunity to celebrate with us,” Mr Teed said.

“If Powderfinger and Taylor Swift can host concerts online, why can’t we?” 

Mr Teed said International Day of People with Disability – a United Nations observed day celebrating the achievements and contributions of people with disability – was the perfect day to host the event.  “As events are cancelled around the world, Battle of the Bands will bring the joy of music and a celebration of musical talents into the homes of people everywhere,” Mr Teed said.

“Our acts are going to record their own performances and submit them, and we’ve provided a lot of guidance and materials to make sure they’re supported to do this."

“We’ll then put all of the performances together into an hour-and-a-half-long show, complete with emcees and judges, and premiere the show on our website and Facebook page on this important day.”

Tune in to watch Endeavour Foundation’s All Abilities Battle of the Bands via or on Thursday 3 December 2020. 

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