Why our Virtual Reality is an award winner

At Endeavour Foundation, we're always striving to innovate in ways that make a difference in the lives of people with disability. Our award winning Virtual Reality (VR) program is a shining example.

While VR technology is rapidly advancing, what sets our program apart is how we've adapted it to provide learning opportunities for people with disability. This opens up a world of possibilities for them to explore and grow their skills like never before.

How do we use VR?

Our VR program aims to help people with disability gain independence by teaching real world skills. Imagine practising using an ATM, crossing the road, making a barista-quality coffee, or driving - all within a virtual world. These VR scenarios provide a safe and engaging way for participants to practise at their own pace and build their confidence. The program has been well received for making learning fun and accessible, helping many achieve their goals.

We bring VR learning to our Learning and Lifestyle hubs through our Thrive Learning program. Additionally, we offer the program at selected schools to support students with disability to learn essential skills for when they leave school.

Benefits of VR

One of the biggest benefits of VR for people with disability is its ability to empower independence. Through virtual simulations of real life scenarios, people can practise essential skills. This can be a great confidence booster. It also helps develop their skills to live independently and take part in their communities.

Accessibility is a top priority for everything we do, and our VR program is no exception. Our program offers customisable learning goals and experiences tailored to individual needs. By stepping into a virtual world, participants can rehearse real world scenarios in a risk-free environment.

Award winners

Our dedication to using VR for good has been recognised. The Service Design team’s Get Work Ready program, which utilises VR for disability employment training, won the Excellence in Digital Workforce Development Award at the Innovation and Technology Across Care (ITAC) conference.

The Get Work Ready program is a learning program that adapts digital learning for people with disability. As the name suggests, the program empowers people to ‘get work ready’ as they transition from school and other activities to their chosen employment pathway.

Chris Beaumont, who received the award on behalf of Endeavour Foundation shares that, “Anyone who wants to work, should be able to work; they just need to be offered the right support to find their own employment pathway. Finishing school, earning a certificate or tertiary qualification may be a goal, but without suitable education and the proper skills, leaping into employment and finding that meaningful job, may not be possible. That's where 'Get Work Ready' comes into its own… it's certainly a program that can assist anyone to achieve their own work goals".

Pictured Chris Beaumont (Service Design & Implementation Partner) at the ITAC conference

Leading the way in VR for disability

We're proud to be leading the way in harnessing the power of VR for the benefit of people with disability.

Our award-winning Virtual Reality (VR) program opens up a world of possibilities for people with disability to explore, learn, and engage like never before. Our program not only enhances accessibility but also empowers independence, allowing participants to practise essential skills in a safe, supportive environment.

We're honoured to receive recognition for our VR program. But the real win comes from seeing the positive impact it has on the lives of the people we support.

To try our VR equipment firsthand, join us at the 2024 World Down Syndrome Congress in July, where we’ll be the proud technology sponsor.

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