Supported employment changes

10 things you need to know

The NDIS is creating a new way of funding people in supported employment.

Changes are designed to help you purchase supports to achieve your employment goals.

Here are 10 things you need to know

  1. Funding will now be called 'Supports in Employment' not 'Assistance in Specialised Supported Employment'.
  2. Funding will now be in the Core budget not the Capacity Building.
  3. Supports in employment will be flexible and can be used how and where you want.
  4. Changes are effective 1 July 2020.
  5. Your funding changes will happen at your next NDIS plan review. Your existing funding arrangements remain in place until your next NDIS plan review.
  6. You have time to think about your employment goals and what supports you may need to achieve them.
  7. Funded supports will be individualised 'on-the-job' supports. Supported employment has been underfunded, resulting in supports being generic and mainly offered in groups.
  8. Supports in employment may be provided as one-to-one support depending on your employment goals.
  9. Endeavour Foundation believes in supported employment and is committed to help you achieve your current and future employment goals.
  10. Endeavour Foundation will help you prepare for the next planning meeting, so you have the right information to get the right amount of money you need in your plan.

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