Steven’s voice acting dream comes true!

Meet Steven Harley, an Endeavour Foundation employee who is making possibilities a reality by pursuing his dream of voice acting.

Steven works at our Wacol Business Solutions site, but his dream job has always been voice acting or narrating. With his infectious energy and big personality, it’s clear to see why Steven is the perfect fit for the job.

Steven’s employment coach, Bek, has been supporting him to achieve his NDIS goals throughout his employment at Endeavour Foundation. One day, Steven opened up to Bek about his big dreams.

“I asked him what he would like to do as a career and that’s where the conversation came about voice acting,” said Bek. “Steven didn’t really think that it was possible for him, but anything’s possible if you put your mind to it.”

Bek shared his goals with the Endeavour Foundation Marketing team, in the hope there would be any opportunities for him. When an opportunity arose for Steven to use his talents to record a radio advertisement for Endeavour Foundation in Ipswich, he was thrilled!

“When Bek told me that I was going to be the voice of Endeavour Foundation’s radio ad, the feeling was, quite honest, I was overjoyed. I couldn’t believe this was happening,” Steven said.

Needless to say, Steven accepted the offer and was soon on his way to the River 94.9 studios in Ipswich to make his recording debut. On the day, Steven shared that he was feeling a mix of emotions.

“It’s a bit of a roller coaster of emotions walking into the studio. 50% excited, 50% nervous but I am pumped!” he exclaimed.

Watch Steven's story

At the studio, Steven was met by Drew Chapman, Content Director at River 94.9, who took him through the process of recording and producing the ad.

With his script carefully rehearsed, Steven entered the studio and got to work. It was clear from the start that he was a natural.

“Steven did a fantastic job, I couldn’t see any nerves,” said Drew. “He’s a natural!”

“I would rate myself 8 out of 10,” said Steven. “Because when I did it, I did stutter a bit but even then, instead of just giving up, I just started again and kept going.”

After the experience, Steven expressed that he was “on cloud nine” and would welcome the opportunity to do more radio commercials in the future.

“If the opportunity ever comes up again [to record a radio ad], I want to do it. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely I would,” Steven said.

Being able to support employees achieve their goals, both at work and in life, is a big part of Endeavour Foundation’s mission to turn possibilities into reality for people with disability.

Steven’s journey is proof that anything is possible. The first step is just being brave enough to share your hopes and dreams with others. You never know what might happen.

“I think it’s so important to tell someone your goals and dreams,” Steven said.

“If you don’t tell someone something, how are they going to help you out?”

That’s great advice, Steven!

Want to learn more about how Endeavour Foundation can help you achieve your goals? Call us on 1800 112 112 or find out more about our disability services.

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