Nicholas wows Ramsay St on the set of Neighbours

Nicholas is one of the winners of our Imagine What’s Possible Competition, and we were thrilled to see his dream come true!

Nicholas has always dreamed of a life in front of the camera and wants to be an actor. Entering the Imagine What’s Possible competition to ‘be an extra in a movie’, Nicholas was given the opportunity to do that as an extra on the set of Australia’s longest-running soap opera, Neighbours.

Nicholas and his mum Louise made the trip to Forest Hills, Victoria, where the show is filmed and produced, arriving to set in a stretch limousine – another first for Nicholas.

There were a lot of exciting things to see and do at the studio where Neighbours was filmed. Nicholas was taken on a tour of the famous Ramsay Street, before shooting his scene as a patron in Harold’s Café. He spent time with the Communications Manager for the show, as well as some of the fellow actors he would be working with on the scene. Nicholas learned a lot from the people who work on the show and got to see first-hand how television shows are made.

The crew at Channel 10 made this action-packed day a really positive experience for Nicholas, sharing in a big round of applause at the end of the scene.

Nicholas’s Neighbours episode aired on 21 June, 2022.

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