Meet Eden

From becoming the next Wiggle to living as long as Queen Elizabeth II, Eden is a guy with big dreams.

Growing up in New South Wales, Eden developed an appreciation for Rock ’n’ Roll music through his father, who introduced him to bands like Metallica, AC/DC, Queen and Genesis. Based on his music taste, you’d be forgiven for thinking Eden is older than he is. At just 25 years of age, he is already kicking some pretty impressive goals.

Since his family moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Eden has embraced life in the sand and surf of the Sunshine State and is sharing his love of Rock ‘n’ Roll with his mates at the Bokarina Learning and Lifestyle hub.

“I love living here. You can go to the beach, go to fancy restaurants and the people are all really nice,” Eden said.

Moving to a new town can be daunting, but all it took was sharing his Spotify playlist with his mates at the Bokarina Learning and Lifestyle hub, and Eden was quickly making new friends.

“I really enjoy listening to music because it’s a great way to connect with other people,” Eden said.

“That’s how I became best friends with Luca at Bokarina (Learning and Lifestyle hub). We both like listening to the same type of music.”

Lately, Eden has been working on building healthy habits and becoming more independent. He hopes it will help him live a long life.

“Getting and staying fit is important to me so that I can live for a very long time like Queen Elizabeth II did,” Eden said.

To achieve this goal, Eden has been participating in the gymnastics and bike riding programs at the Learning and Lifestyle hub. He says he enjoys getting active and being social.

“I like [gymnastics], [I like the] swimming pool. And I like to do a program called bike riding…it's in Caloundra. I like to sit next to my friend Luca,” said Eden.

Friends are very important to Eden, who loves to share his big imagination with his mate, Luca who he describes as “imaginable”.

“Him and I get along very well. And we like to talk about imaginable things that was never true in real life. Yeah, we like to imagine in our heads and have dreams.”

What does Eden dream about? Well, being in the spotlight of course!

Aside from his usual lineup of classic rock bands, Eden is also a big fan of The Wiggles. He has seen them live several times and feels inspired to pursue a career as a children’s entertainer.

“I’ve seen The Wiggles live a few times, and loved them,” Eden said. “If I could have one job it would be to sing songs to children that teach them how to stay safe, feel confident, and be respectful.”

“Becoming a children’s singer would make me feel so happy, and give me that warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing that I’m making the world better,” said Eden.

To help Eden make his spotlight dreams a reality, Endeavour Foundation has supported him by giving him opportunities to get in front of the camera for our Lotteries division.

Earlier this year, Eden starred in his own prize home tour, showing viewers around our prize home lottery #448 in Palmwoods.

“I loved being on camera,” Eden said. “[I told my friends] how good of a job I did being a celebrity.”

There’s no doubt Eden will be adding more to his repertoire as he finds more opportunities to explore his skills at his local Learning and Lifestyle hub.

As some parting words, Eden offers some wise advice on being kind.

“I try to be nice. People need to be nice to others. Because being respectful is acceptable and being mean is unacceptable.”

Well said, Eden!

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