Value-driven packaging: lowering costs and increasing corporate social responsibility

Did you know your packaging has the power to provide meaningful employment to Australians with disabilities?

Here’s our best kept secret, we’ve built a reputation on allowing flexibility and customisation when it comes to working with its food packaging clients, no matter the size. So, if you’re looking for flexible packaging solutions, look no further.

No two businesses are the same, so why should your packaging be? Our adaptable and innovative packaging capabilities have helped us create a diverse portfolio of clients, from the small start-up to the largest international retailers.

According to Carlos Aguado, our Operations Manager for NSW & Victoria, it’s not just our ability to adapt to customer needs that’s a huge advantage, but also our quick turnaround while maintaining a consistently high quality.

“We are small enough to offer customised and tailored solutions, but with a geographical reach from Melbourne to Cairns, we also have the capacity for cost-effective and efficient delivery times which our clients really appreciate,” said Carlos.

“Being able to help smaller companies grow and expand, and bigger companies adapt and evolve, while meeting community needs, is a fulfilling and important part of Endeavour Foundation’s commercial business model.”

Our workforce of more than 1,800 people gives us the capability for highly manual packaging solutions through to semi-automated and fully automated processes, allowing us to partner with a vast variety of businesses in the food packaging realm.

“We meet the packaging needs of the largest Australian and international retailers in the market, through to mum and pop start-ups in the home garage, who are seeing demand for their products grow and are looking for a safe and cost-effective way to outsource their packaging needs,” Carlos said.

Quality and accreditation

Our accreditations range from HACCP to GMP, which all of our food sites have as a base standard, and then depending on the clientele’s business and geographical needs we offer other types of accreditations such as SQF, organic, kosher, halal, different types of allergen control and more.

Our Business Solutions sites offer a wide range of food packaging solutions including food blending and packaging, shrink/bundle wrapping and bagging, labelling or re-labelling, and bar coding.

The packaging formats employed include doy, or stand up and box pouch, box – vertical filling, pillow and pouch bagging, tub/cylinder vertical filling and sachet, among others.

“We specialise in the packaging of powders, spices, grains, cereals, mueslis and granolas. This is an end-to-end service - everything from blending to filling, and then packing either by hand or using specialised equipment.”

The output capacity of our sites is just another plus, with free tours offered for potential customers so they can see it for themselves.

“I think our clients are pleasantly surprised with the capability and capacity that we have,” said Carlos.

“You can see their relief when they realise the process or product that they are briefing us on isn’t foreign. And then when we show them our doy pouch machines or pillow pack machines and realise that not only can we deliver on their brief, but in a shorter time frame than they were expecting – it’s a great feeling.”

Tailored packaging service that makes a difference

But cost-effective packaging solutions is just a small part of Endeavour Foundation’s story. As a not-for-profit organisation, we recently celebrated 70 years of supporting and making dreams a possibility for people with intellectual disability.

“As an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE), we offer employment opportunities people with intellectual disability in supported employment across the east-coast of Australia,” Carlos said.

Supported employment forms a critical part of an inclusive and empowering community for people with disability. When customers partner with us they’re supporting opportunities for people with disability to work, develop skills, earn an income, explore their interests, and be involved in the community.

“One thing that we love is seeing the joy on our customer’s faces when they visit our work sites to meet our supported employees and see them packaging their products with such pride.”

“It adds a whole other dimension and meaning to the relationship – they are getting their packaging requirement met but in a meaningful and socially conscience way,” Carlos said.

Alongside offering business services to the wider market, Endeavour Foundation offers work, home and community services to empower and support people with intellectual disability to live their best lives.

Ready to switch to Endeavour Foundation’s packaging solutions? All you have to do is visit Business Solutions or call 1800 112 112 for a free quote.

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