Love on the Spectrum: Season 2 review

Love on the Spectrum is back for season 2!

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a heartwarming show that follows adults with autism as they navigate the unpredictable world of dating. Originally created for ABC, the series has been picked up by Netflix and getting rave reviews. Below is just one of them!

Our resident reviewer Luke from Geebung has written a review of the show:

Review by Luke

Overall star rating: 4.5 stars

My one sentence summary of what the show is about

Love on the Spectrum is about people on the Autism Spectrum who are trying to find love.

About me, the reviewer

Hi I’m Luke,

I have autism, which has its good things and it’s not so good things. I’m excited to write this review because it gives people the chance to learn about disability.

Today I’m wearing a bright blue shirt that says ‘AUTISM - seeing the world a little differently’. I bought this shirt because I saw it on Facebook.

I suppose you could say I’m single and open to the idea of love. I think that is what makes me a good person to review this show.

I love AFL and Richmond is the team I follow. I have a keen interest in public transport and photography. I love Melbourne and everything about Melbourne, and I’m originally from there. I only moved to Queensland two years ago.

What I liked about Love on the Spectrum

There is a lot that I love about this show. For me, it was interesting to see how the disability affects people differently, like how people communicate and act in certain situations.

It was good how they showed how Autism can affect different people.

I like how they portray Autism in an accurate way, and the way they respect their cast. You could tell that they were real people.

I also especially liked seeing where they went on dates because it’s good for date ideas.

I like watching it because I get to see what other people on the spectrum are like.

I like that, in season 2, some of the same people came back and are giving it another shot. It definitely takes courage and I applaud them for it.

What I did not like about this show

There really is not much I don’t like about this show.

If there was one thing, it would be that it’s mostly set in Sydney and not all-around Australia.

How this show made me feel

The show made me feel proud. Now there is a show out there that shows what having Autism is like. I’m proud of both the people on the show and the creators of the show.

While I was watching I felt comfortable because it made me see that I’m not the only one who has been through this. It made me feel less anxious.

I really feel like this is so accurate. You can tell that they are real people just being themselves.

What I hope neurotypical people (people who don’t have autism) learn from this show

To not judge a book by its cover.

I hope people learn that people with Autism are human beings. We’re just like everyone else, we just learn a bit differently.

Not only are we capable of love, but we deserve it. Everyone deserves love. I would hope that the show opens the idea of people dating people with Autism.

It’s a good opportunity to try and understand Autism, and what it means. If you’re having trouble understanding someone you can just explain it to us.

Final words...

It’s a good show to watch, and I hope they actually do this show with other disabilities too now.

This was an important show to make because now people can understand people with disabilities a bit better.

Yes, you should definitely watch this show.

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