Kristel gives the gift of reading

Kristel dreamed big and won!

“It feels really excellent that my dream came true,” Kristel said.


Kristel’s dream

Kristel is one of five winners of Endeavour Foundation’s Imagine What’s Possible competition and we are thrilled to have played a part in making her biggest dream a reality.

Her dream? To give reading pens to students with disability so they too can discover the joys of reading.

“At school, I couldn’t read at all, and I couldn’t get the one-on-one teaching to help me improve my reading skills,” Kristel said.

“A tutor told me about the reading pens. I bought one and used it on the Harry Potter book for the first time and it all clicked. My reading is so much better.”

Kristel wishes that she had the opportunity to learn how to read while she was still at school and hopes that one day there will be a reading pen in every single school.

“School kids are still learning, and I want them to learn how to read early on, because it is really important when it comes to using your imagination,” she said.

Watch how we made Kristel’s dream come true!

Kristel’s dream came true in July when she donated 15 electronic reading pens to Southport Special School on the Gold Coast.

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