Kassidy lights up Brisbane City Hall

A fairytale night for Kassidy whose dream of hosting a Ball at Brisbane City Hall was brought to life.

Kassidy’s Dream

Making a Cinderella-like entrance in arms with the Brisbane Broncos, Kassidy was blown away by the reception she received from the 300 guests who shared in her dream.

“It felt like I was a princess in a movie walking in with my entourage. It’ll be a memory forever,” reminisced Kassidy.

Entering Endeavour Foundation’s Imagine What’s Possible competition with her dream, Kassidy (who is employed at our Geebung Social Enterprise), wanted to create an opportunity for young adults to have fun and dance together.

“Dancing is my thing. And I just want everyone to experience the thing that I love. It makes me happy and joyful,” Kassidy said.

And Kassidy did not fall short on her promise – Brisbane City Hall was buzzing as people of all abilities joined her on the dance floor in what can only be described as the celebration of the year.

“To actually have a dream come true is rare, and it wasn’t just Kassidy’s dream, it was a dream for a lot of people,” Kassidy’s father, Ed, said.

“Thank you to everyone, including Endeavour Foundation, for making my dream come true,” said Kassidy.

Without the support from our partners Brisbane City Council and Edmen Group, Kassidy’s dream wouldn’t have been possible.

Watch below Kassidy’s dream come true.

Kassidy was among five people to have their dreams come true from the Imagine What’s Possible competition, including Kristel’s dream of giving reading pens to students with disability and Zac’s karaoke dream.

Our other competition winners were Nicholas who wowed Ramsay Street on the set of Neighbours and Carol who took centre stage as Triple J’s guest selector.

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