Jayden’s embracing independence and enjoying the nightlife

Jayden knew he wanted to further his life experiences and develop new skills, so when he learned about individualised support, Jayden jumped at the opportunity.

Public transport holds an undeniable allure to Jayden, it allows him to explore new places and experience the excitement of locations like South Bank and Brisbane city. One of his favourite activities is venturing out into the community on public transport.

“I like getting the bus, trains, and ferries,” Jayden said.

With the support of Jamie, Jayden enjoys accessing the community while playing Pokemon Go! and going out clubbing.

Jayden smiles when talking about going out on a Saturday night with his support worker, Jamie.

“We go clubbing. We go out, catch the ferry to the city. That's what we did last week. It was all good fun,” Jayden said.

“I like going out to the valley because of the nightlife.”

Jamie plays a supportive role in Jayden's life, providing assistance with essential tasks such as meal planning, grocery shopping, and getting out and about.

“I like supporting him to do the things that he likes to do. Most people wouldn't think that people with disability go clubbing and [enjoy] stuff like that. And it's like, everyone likes going clubbing and Jayden’s young,” Jamie said.

Jayden said his favourite thing about clubbing is the music.

“The music makes me feel pumped up. I like dancing.”

For Jayden, clubbing provides an opportunity to express himself through dance. The music fuels his excitement and helps him feel immersed in the moment.

Jamie has noticed many positive changes in Jayden since beginning individualised support.

“I find we’re making some different foods. I remember when I first started with Jayden we were always making fish tacos, which are delicious, [but] last week we made meatballs and today risotto,” Jamie said.

When asked about individualised support, Jaden encourages others to pursue it without hesitation.

“Go on, if you want individualised support, nothing's gonna stop you.”

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