We’re making 5 dreams come true! Meet the winners

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we brought back the Imagine What’s Possible competition. The competition aims to make dreams come true for people with disability.

And this year? Boy oh boy were we inundated with dreams! Hundreds of incredible entries made their way to us. The judges had a very tricky task ahead of them but they managed to pick our 5 lucky winners. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Kassidy, Zac, Carol, Kristel and Nicholas who all dreamed big and won.

Smiling Kassidy holding up invite


“Young special needs adults, come one and come all, my dream of what's possible is a ball in the Brisbane Town Hall.”

Kassidy loves to dance and spend time with her friends, and what better way to combine those two things than with a ball?

We are excited to give Kassidy the ball of her dreams, and we will be sure to bring you all the information as it becomes a reality.

Watch Kassidy find out she won

Zac holding winners ball


“To start a karaoke business and Glee Club for people with disabilities like me. We’ll perform shows for kids in hospitals, people in aged care homes.”

Aww, Zac, what an incredible dream!

Zac’s no stranger to karaoke - he proudly tells us he’s been singing for years. We know there’s going to be a lot of people keen to be part of his karaoke/glee club. Way to spread the cheer, Zac!

See Zac’s reaction here.

Smiling Carol


“My biggest dream is to be a guest presenter on Triple J, to play my favourite music.”

Carol listens to Triple J radio station all the time.

She knows all the words to her favourite songs, and writes down her favourite lyrics in a notebook.

When Carol makes her debut as a guest presenter, we’ll all be tuning in.

See Carol’s reaction when she found out she won here.

Smiling Kristel holding gift box


“I would love to give my wish of a C-Pen to every school for reading.

When she was at school, Kristel didn’t get the 1:1 support she needed to develop her reading. When she received a reading C-Pen, it opened up a world full of tales.

We could never have predicted an entry so generous.

Her dream is to give young people with disability the joy of reading independently.

See Kristel’s surprise reveal here.

Nicholas holding popcorn, Oscar statue and Hollywood movie take card


“To be an extra in a movie.”

Nicholas is an award-winning member of his local drama group for people with intellectual disability.

We are so excited to go on this journey with Nicholas to make his dream a reality.

Get your popcorn ready, you might see him on the big screen soon. Stay tuned.

See Nicholas’ reaction here.

Stay tuned to find out how we make these incredible dreams come true.

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