I am more than what you see

Lucas is an Endeavour Foundation employee. When he is not sharing random trivia with colleagues, you will find him at a local gig with friends or hanging with his dog, Charlie.

You might never know exactly what experiences you are missing out on if you are the sort of person to judge someone poorly based on physical appearance. There is a world out there that would love to meet you if you only take the time.

I was out with friends when a stranger asked me “How do you feel about people who treat you differently based on how you look?”

I was taken aback by that question because after 30 years, I had forgotten I look different. This brought me back to primary school where I was reminded of that fact, every single day.

I know when people treat me differently. I see their stares and can hear their words of judgment as I am walking down the street, living my life in the same way they are living theirs. Their words can cut deeper than they will ever know.

I view myself as no different to anyone else. My family and friends see me as someone who is capable, intelligent, and caring. My friends know this because they took the time to know me, which very few had really done before them. I am more capable than you might think. I have my Certificate III in Business Studies; I am learning to drive – it might be taking a while, but I am doing it. I have developed a career that has gone from packaging to a receptionist, to being a content writer, all with Endeavour Foundation.

To answer the stranger’s question, it does not feel great.

I am a son, a sibling, a neighbour, and a friend. I feel no different to anyone else. There is more to me than what you see. I have a good brain. I might doubt myself, but I will not let that stop me. I will continue to be me, which is more than what you may see.

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