Halloween costume tips for people with disability

Halloween is coming up and that means dressing up in a costume, scary movies, and sweets! Finding the right costume to wear can sometimes be tricky.

Halloween is the perfect time to tap into your creative side. With endless costume possibilities on offer, you can go as anything you want. Make your Halloween planning fun with these tips.

Picking a costume

The first step to planning your Halloween costume is to decide what or who you want to dress up as. If you don't have any ideas right away, don't worry! There are many places to look for inspiration and ideas.

Inspiration can be found in your favourite movies, books, TV shows, or sport heroes. If you’re looking for more inspiration, head online. Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram are all great places to find Halloween costume ideas. You can also search for specific characters or themes to get ideas for how to put together your costume.

Think about whether you want to dress up by yourself or join a group. Dressing up as a solo character is always fun, but getting together with friends as a pair, trio or even with a larger group of friends, workmates or family can be a real blast and make Halloween even more fun. Once you’ve decided on your costume idea, it’s time to make it happen! There are a few different ways to bring your costume idea to life. You can hire or buy a costume or even make your own. The great thing about Halloween is, you get to choose and make the costume work for you!

Try on a fun costume at your local costume shop

At your local costume shop, you can have a look around for different costume pieces that would work best for you. You can try on different costumes and accessories to see what you like best and what makes you feel most comfortable.

There are so many benefits of hiring a costume, if you have a last minute party invite or are on a budget! Hire shops usually have a large range of costumes to choose from and sometimes offer discounts for early rentals or group rentals.

Shop online and order your favourite character costume

If you have enough time up your sleeve and can’t find your specific character costume at your local costume store, you may want to look online. Just remember to keep delivery times in mind.

You may be looking for a costume to suit your needs. If you have specific requirements for your costume, try searching online for “adaptive costumes”. Adaptive costumes are designed to be comfortable and accessible for people with disabilities. Adaptive features can include open-backs, removable accessories, stretchy fabrics or wheelchair-friendly pieces.The range of adaptive clothing and costumes is constantly growing so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

There are lots of options and a large number of costume websites to choose from. Reading reviews can also be a helpful way to find out how well made the costumes are or help you learn from other people's experiences ordering.

Make your costume (you can work together with friends and support)

What about making a spooky witch or a scary vampire costume, or even a Barbie one? You can find so many different tutorials on YouTube or DIY craft tips to learn how to make your own costume.

Making your own costume gives you room to be creative and choose exactly how your costume will look and fit. You can even try making costumes with friends which can make the process even more fun! Your family or support worker may also be able to help.

Dressing up for Halloween or any occasion can be lots of fun! Costumes allow us to pretend to be anyone we want to be - it could be a character from your favourite TV show or movie or a creature you have imagined. Whether you hire or buy a costume from a shop or online, or create your own masterpiece, one thing for sure is dressing up in a costume is always lots of fun. It’s also a great way to connect with people and share your creativity.

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