Exploring accessibility in the Moreton Bay Region

Nestled along the southeastern Queensland coast, the Moreton Bay Region is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant communities and for being the home of The Bee Gees.

But what truly sets it apart? The region’s commitment to inclusivity.

Accessibility features prominently, ensuring that both residents and visitors can take part in what the region has to offer. From accessible beaches to award-winning parks and innovative library services, the Moreton Bay Region sets a standard for inclusivity. It is also home to Endeavour Foundation’s services, supporting people with disability to live, learn, work and flourish.

Bridging the gap to the shore

Accessing the beach can pose challenges for individuals with mobility constraints. Recognising this, the Moreton Bay Regional Council has taken proactive steps to make its beaches accessible to all.

On Bribie Island and at Redcliffe, permanent beach matting serves as a pathway, bridging the gap between the shoreline and accessible pathways and carparks. This solution ensures that individuals using wheelchairs or mobility aids can traverse the sand with ease, enjoying the peacefulness that the beach offers.

The Bribie Island Surf Club offers free hire of beach wheelchairs, further enhancing accessibility and allowing everyone to relish the therapeutic benefits of the ocean breeze.

Redcliffe Learning and Lifestyle hub is conveniently located a short 1km away from Redcliffe beach and our participants often make the journey to enjoy a picnic with friends.

Accessible parks and playgrounds

Leslie Patrick Park located in the heart of the Moreton Bay region, stands as a beacon of inclusivity, offering a level access pathway, an all-abilities playground and expansive playing field for all to enjoy.

This innovative community parkland goes beyond the traditional swings and slides, incorporating features designed for all ages and abilities to enjoy. From communal gardens to an expansive grass area and with the Kedron Creek crossing nearby, Leslie Patrick Park offers the perfect location for an exciting day out.

Best of all, Leslie Patrick Park is an easy 20-minute drive from our Lawnton Learning and Lifestyle hub or a 25-minute drive from our latest My Home My Life Supported Independent Living offering at Petrie.

Innovative library services

In the Moreton Bay Region, the commitment to accessibility extends to its library services, ensuring that everyone can partake in the joys of reading, learning and discovery.

Moreton Bay libraries feature height-adjustable self-service kiosks, allowing individuals of varying heights and abilities to access library materials independently. Furthermore, online virtual tours provide people with disability the opportunity to assess the accessibility of library facilities before visiting, empowering them to plan their library experience with confidence.

Embracing inclusivity and enriching lives

The City of Moreton Bay has it all: accessible beaches, parklands, playgrounds, and libraries. Most importantly, it has a community that is committed to creating a welcoming and accessible environment for everyone.

If you want more information about our services in the City of Moreton Bay, check out Endeavour Foundation in Moreton.

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