Driving into the future: Arron achieves employment dream

Maryborough man Arron Murphy is right where he wants to be - in the driver’s seat of his truck, his career, and his life.

For 10 years, the 27-year-old truck driver worked in supported employment at Maryborough Business Solutions, which provides opportunities for people with disability who face barriers to work.

Employees are paid a wage, but they also have access to the Disability Support Pension, and to NDIS support to help them achieve their goals - including at work.

Two years ago, Arron set himself a new goal.

“We had a role here for a Production Team Leader (PTL), so I sent the job ad to Arron and said, ‘Why don’t you apply?’ said Employment Coach Jessica Dullaway.

“It wasn’t something that he had considered as an option for himself, but since that day he’s been working at becoming more independent so he can advance in his career.”

Arron worked on his communication skills and, at his own pace, gradually dropped the hours and level of support he was receiving.

“It’s a big step in a person’s life to decide they no longer need support,” said Ms Dullaway.

“Arron is now a truck driver but if he chooses to stay, we’d love for him to become a PTL one day, which would mean he’s gone from being a supported employee to being the one providing the support.

“That’s going to challenge him, but it will also give him unique insights that benefit the team.”

Arron received the news of his promotion to the open employment role just weeks after receiving his 10-year service award.

“It feels pretty good. A long time coming but I’m finally here,” Mr Murphy said.

“I got my truck and forklift licences through Endeavour Foundation because that’s what I liked doing so I wanted to keep doing it.”

Arron said the truck’s UHF keeps him company on delivery trips to Maroochydore and Bundaberg.

“When I first started, I was getting a bit bored of it, but once I got more experienced in it, I started to enjoy it more,” he said.

“There’s some funny stuff said on the UHF.

“I was going through Gympie one day and the next minute I hear someone going ‘buck buck buck’ on the radio like a chicken,” he laughed, “but that’s just Gympie.”

Arron is blazing a trail for others to follow.

“There are other people at work that want to come to where I am now because they’ve seen what I’ve achieved,” he said.

“I’m pretty happy – Endeavour Foundation has put in a lot of work helped me out to get to where I want to be,” he concluded.

Feeling inspired by Arron? Learn how you can reach your employment goals with supported employment.

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