Answering your questions about the 'my NDIS App'

With nearly 84 per cent of the world's population now owning a smartphone, mobile applications have become an efficient way to manage your finances, communicate, and connect with your community. So, it’s no wonder that you can now also manage your NDIS plan through your mobile device.

Introducing the my NDIS app, designed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to give those who self-manage their plans a more accessible and user-friendly way to manage their account.

The app was designed in partnership with users and the disability sector to make sure it has the right functionality to meet the accessibility needs of people with disability. More than 200 participants, families and carers volunteered to use the app and gave the NDIA over 700 pieces of feedback.

Given the amount of work gone in, we did some research to answer frequently asked questions about the app so that you know how it can help you get the most from your NDIS plan.

What is the my NDIS mobile app?

The my NDIS app is a mobile application developed to make accessing your NDIS plan information quicker, easier and more efficient. Whether you’re new to the NDIS or have been a participant for years, the app is supposed to help you gain access to your essential information and manage your account with ease.

A key focus of the app is accessibility, and has been tried and tested to meet the international web accessibility standards and follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These features include compatibility with screen readers and options for high contrast and magnification.

What can I do on the my NDIS app?

With the promise of making the NDIS simpler, easier and more flexible, participants can use the app to:

  • access and manage your NDIS plan
  • quickly and easily check your budget
  • make claims on the go
  • see what funds are available before you claim
  • talk to providers about your goals and how they can support you
  • keep track of your budget and check past claims.

With the allure of making claims on the go being a big drawcard, you will also have the ability to save a claim as a favourite if you expect to use the same details again.

What can’t I do with the my NDIS app?

While the app was made available to the general public in late 2021, there are a few limitations to the my NDIS app, including not being able to:

  • upload more than five files per claim or files more than 5MB each
  • make claims for dates other than the eligibility period of your current plan
  • delete a claim after it’s been submitted
  • make a claim for mixed funding, agency, or plan managed funds (these can be done in the Myplace portal)
  • see previous or old self-managed plan budgets
  • show service fundings.

But don’t let this deter you, there are plans to make the app available for all participants regardless of how they manage their NDIS funds, and integrate into myGov to provide users a more streamlined digital experience.

How do I get started on the my NDIS app?

When you download the app to your smartphone from the Google Play Store and Apple’s app store, you’ll be prompted to provide the phone number linked to your NDIS account. You will receive a secure access code by SMS to confirm your information.

Once you enter your code, you’ll have the opportunity to set a personal identification number, or PIN, which you’ll use to log in to the app. If biometric sign-in, like fingerprints or an eye scan, is available on your phone you can use this to log in as well.

After you’ve registered and set your PIN, you will now be able to manage your account. In the ‘My Account’ section of the app, you’ll have the ability to:

  • view your details
  • change your PIN
  • see your NDIA contact details
  • provide feedback about the app
  • edit your favourite claims
  • switch accounts if you are claiming for more than one participant.

How is the my NDIS app different to myplace portal?

The my NDIS app and myplace portal are different ways you can access your NDIS plan information. The mobile app works alongside the myplace participant portal to help you quickly, easily, and flexibly manage your NDIS plan.

While myplace portal can only be accessed online via a web browser, it has more functions than the app and is open to app participants who self-manage, plan-manage or provider manage.

The my NDIS app can be accessed only on smartphone or tablet devices. If you plan on using a tablet to access the app, just remember that it is best used on a smartphone as not all features may work correctly on an iPad.

Bottom line

The allure, of course, is the convenience the my NDIS mobile app offers. Consumers tote their smartphones everywhere, so an app where you can make claims, and access important NDIS information wherever you are is a bonus.

Where can I go for more NDIS help?

We can provide you with the information and resources to successfully navigate the NDIS. Feel free to get in touch with us on 1800 112 112 if you have any questions about the NDIS.

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