A field of dreams makes ChrysantheMUMs the official flower for Mother’s Day

For 30 years, our Bundaberg farm has harvested a field of dreams – growing more opportunities for people with disability with each row of chrysanthemums.

Supporters and Bundaberg locals alike splashed some cash to win the first blooms from the annual Mother’s Day harvest at the inaugural flower auction.

Avocado farmers John and Kym Walsh were the winning bidders of the Bundaberg-grown flowers, raising the stakes from what is normally a $15 bunch of chrysanthemums to a whopping $1600, with a little help from their 22-year-old daughter Erin.

Erin, who works at the Bundaberg farm was keen to tactically outbid her parents.

Helped by more than 60 of her colleagues, who embraced the auction by making their own bids, Erin led the charge by raising her hand every time she saw her father, John, make a bid, driving the price up well beyond the $1000 mark.

John and Kym later jokingly admitted to wondering what Erin’s ‘bid ceiling’ was.

“It was quite a competitive bidding process, and we were really lucky to win a beautiful bunch of freshly picked flowers,” John said.

“The flowers signify a lot – the hard work the people of Endeavour Foundation do supporting people but also the important role that mothers play in society.”

Chrysanthemums are the traditional flower of Mother’s Day, partly because they have ‘mum’ in the name.

“Our daughter, Erin, has been at Endeavour Foundation for more than six years now and she loves coming to work and achieving things,” John said. “As parents, we are proud and very happy.”

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Our Mother’s Day harvest is an annual event that fosters the spirit of giving and celebrating mums everywhere.

All proceeds go back into creating and enhancing programs that help Australians with disability live, learn, work and flourish based on their goals and aspirations – donate now.

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