Working From Home (WFH)

Below are the guides, resources and information you will need to set up an ergonomically safe and productive working environment.

Remote Access Checklist

Remote Access Checklist

There are WH&S requirements for working from home. Please complete the below forms and return to your manager before you start working from home.

Remote Access Guides

Remote Access Guides

The below guides will help you set up access to your phone, email and the Endeavour Foundation network while working from home.

Remote Access Guides
Computer hardware image

Ordering Hardware

Staff are eligible to purchase one external monitor, keyboard, HDMI cable and mouse to work from home. Staff cannot purchase equipment outside of this, like printers or a docking station.

Please ensure your manager approves before any purchases are made. The maximum you can claim via reimbursement is $220.

How do I purchase the equipment?

You can purchase equipment from any supplier you choose. Please keep all receipts and submit an expense claim through KOFAX, ensuring you use the below cost allocation for ICT hardware:

  • Location: 99010P
  • Business Unit: EXELT
  • Product: ZADMIN
  • Portfolio: EXLT
  • Division: CEO
  • Account Code: 561130

How do I know if the equipment is compatible?

Make sure the monitor has a HDMI input (most modern monitors will have this) and check if the monitor comes with a HDMI cable. All modern keyboards and mouse have a USB connection, which will be compatible with your laptop or desktop computer.

Will I need to return the equipment to work in the future?

You are expected to return all company-owned assets if you leave the organisation, or if your role changes and you no longer require this equipment. Any equipment you have purchased or you have been reimbursed for is yours to keep.

Technical Issues

If you have an Endeavour Foundation laptop, please take it home each night and check to ensure your VPN access is set up.

If you do not have an Endeavour Foundation laptop, you can set up Citrix on your own device to access emails and files.

Click here for instructions on setting up Citrix on your own device.

Tech issues

What if I can’t work from home?

If you feel you cannot perform your work at home, please email your manager and copy in so we can work out the best approach for you.

What if I have a technology issue at home?

Please let your manager know, log a service centre ticket at and copy in

Office Chairs

Office Chairs

If you require an office chair at your home, please complete the following steps before leaving the office.
  1. Complete the WFH Equipment Order Form
  2. Email to
  3. Label your chair with your name, mobile and address.

WHS Support will coordinate the delivery of your office chair to your home and back to your office when required.