Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for employees.

We have been working very hard to ensure the safety and security of everyone in our sites while continuing to provide these very important services. It is with this in mind that we have made some decisions about our services.

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11th September – Update for Supported Employees in Victoria

For now, all our worksites across Victoria remain closed, however, the Victorian Government has outlined its plan to ease restrictions. Depending on health advice and daily cases of COVID-19 going down, the Government is hopeful worksites will reopen from Monday 28th September 2020. Find out what this means for Endeavour Foundation Supported Employees in Victoria.

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4th September

Due to the Queensland Government restrictions on Disability Accommodation Services, in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Darling Downs regions, we have implemented the Staying in Place measure for our Accommodation services in these regions until further notice.


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30th July – QLD Covid Update

Queensland Health yesterday confirmed new active COVID-19 cases in the Logan region, south of Brisbane. A directive has been made for Aged Care facilities to restrict visitors and the Government has called for those living on the south side to be extra vigilant and get tested, even if symptoms are mild.

We are aware of the situation and are monitoring it closely along with Government guidance and advice. While there is no immediate impact to Endeavour Foundation customers, staff or services, we will continue monitoring this closely and make decisions as required. Our Emergency Management Committee will keep all staff and customers updated of the situation in the coming days. 

 09th June

COVID-19 testing
With the increase in Government testing of even the mildest of symptoms, we are seeing the number of staff and customers being sent for Covid-19 testing increasing significantly. We expect this to continue as we reach the peak of cold and flu season. From today, we will now only communicate using the following guidelines:

Where a customer has been sent for testing

  • We will only contact the families and carers of the person who has been sent for Covid-19 testing.
  • We will only contact the staff who were in close contact with that person on the day they were sent for testing.

Where a staff member has been sent for testing

  • Their manager will be informed as per current process.
  • We will only contact the other staff members who were in close contact with that person on the day they were sent for testing.
  • The person sent for testing will not be allowed back to work until they have received a negative test, have been symptom free for 48 hours and have a Senior Leader Clearance.
  • There will be no requirement for those staff who were at work that day to stay away while waiting for test results.




26th May – Recovery Planning – Staff Communications

Frontline Staff

With the easing of restrictions that have been announced by the Government, Endeavour Foundation has started to consider how we can reopen some of our services in a safe way for staff and customers.

Our plan is to reopen services through a phased approach, in line with the Government road maps on safety, public health rules and maximum capacities in venues.

Reopening of Services – Learning & Lifestyle Centres

In the first phase of reopening, our intention is to reopen 28 Learning and Lifestyle services at the end of June. This will be as per the Government guidelines with all sites enforcing a maximum of 20 customers in the site at all times.

We are continuing to review and assess the remaining L&Ls, and we will provide updates as decisions are made. We expect to provide you an update on this in the next couple of weeks.

Click here for the list of L&Ls which will be opening at the end of June.

Reopening of Services – EFIs

Our intention for work sites is to reopen select sites in a phased approach in July.

We will be taking the same approach for EFIs as we are for our L&L services, adhering to Government restrictions and guidelines as we reopen these sites. More information on timing and the process of reopening EFIs will be provided soon.

Engaging Customers

Part of the reopen process is to understand the intentions of our customers and their ability to return back to services in the current environment.

From 1 June, frontline teams will start contacting families of those customers who attend an L&L that will be re-opening in phase 1 to understand customers’ current circumstances and their intentions to return to Endeavour Foundation services.

This process will also be followed for reopening of EFI services in the coming weeks.

We have decided to continue following the Government advice in relation to people who are considered vulnerable or fall in to the high risk categories which is that they should continue to avoid public gatherings and continue practicing social distancing for their own safety and wellbeing. For this reason, those customers over 60 or who fall in to the category of vulnerable will not be coming back to services in phase 1.

Staff Rostering

It will take careful planning and consideration to arrange the required support for our returning customers. We want to ensure all customers are supported to allow for a smooth transition back into our reopened services.

Once we have determined our customers’ intentions and considered these impacts on the Phase 1 L&L roster managers will be in contact with the relevant staff members to discuss these temporary rosters.

COVIDsafe considerations such as social distancing, gathering sizes and limiting customers to certain numbers per day, depending on the size of rooms, will be all factors that go into how rostering will be implemented in a phased approach.

Your manager will be in contact with you regarding your temporary roster within the next few of weeks, in preparation for reopening.

If you are currently stood down or on leave due to health reasons, you will be contacted within in the next week or so to discuss returning to work to L&Ls, which will be re-opening at the end of June.

COVIDSafe Guidelines

Throughout our recovery planning, we will be strictly adhering to the COVIDSafe guidelines implemented by the Australian Government.

All service openings will include COVID-19 safe programs and practices, including screening and temperature checks for customers, staff and Supported Employees, group activities that are in-centre only to reduce the risk of community transmission, and adherence to Government restrictions on gatherings and social distancing.




30th April

Dear #teampossible

We continue to navigate the rapid changes as a result of COVID-19, and are constantly reviewing the regular updates from the Government and considering how we can support our staff and customers in a safe environment.

I would like to once again thank you for your ongoing commitment to the safety of our customers and each other, and encourage you to provide feedback to

JobKeeper Update – Frontline Staff

Following our application to access the JobKeeper Payment Scheme, we are now registered with the ATO and payments will be commencing this week. For those eligible employees who earned less than $1500 per fortnight from 30th March to 17th April, there is a payment occurring this week. For those who earned $1500 or more since 30th March no top up payments will occur and your pay will be processed as per standard procedure. Please also note that your next pay date, 7th May, will be for the pay period 18th April to 1st May.

The organisation will be claiming the JobKeeper payment for eligible employees for this period. If you earn less than $1500 in this fortnight, you will receive $1500 (less tax). If you earn more than $1500 in this fortnight your pay will be processed as per standard procedure including any impact associated with the short-term organisation wide program on working hours as communicated this week.

We have also updated our frequently asked questions based on those we’ve been receiving which you can find here.

Update to Leave Policies due to JobKeeper

As you may be aware, when Endeavour first started reducing services due to the impact of Covid-19, we introduced some additional leave options to support those employees who were affected. These included the ability to go in to 10 days (pro-rata) negative leave and hardship leave. These leave options were introduced before the JobKeeper scheme was announced.

Now that we are eligible for the JobKeeper scheme and are beginning to make payments we have decided to cease the negative leave policy previously in place, for employees who are eligible for the JobKeeper payment. From 2 May 2020, if you are receiving the JobKeeper payment you will no longer be able to access the negative annual leave or hardship leave. If you have already utilised this leave, this won’t affect you. If you have any concerns about how this may impact you or are experiencing hardship, please reach out to your leader to discuss the options available to you.

If you have any questions about the above please speak with your leader or email


Customer and Staff Screening Process

Our WHS team have released an important Safety Bulletin regarding our updated Staff and Customer Screening tools. Click here to download the latest safety bulletin. Please ensure you have read and understood this bulletin as it contains critical procedures for screening staff and customers for COVID-19.

Our WHS team have released an important Safety Bulletin regarding our updated Staff and Customer Screening tools. Click here to download the latest safety bulletin. Please ensure you have read and understood this bulletin as it contains critical procedures for screening staff and customers for COVID-19.

Staff and Customer Screening Procedure and Tools have been developed to ensure the safety of our staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical that we identify if a staff member or a customer may be at risk of having COVID-19 as early as possible. This enables us to immediately put actions into place to prevent further infections.

The following screening tools have been distributed to all managers in all portfolios (HOME, WORK, COMMUNITY), and are now available for download on the COVID-19 Managers intranet page (under 'Resources for Managers') and the COVID-19 employees page.



Important employee actions



Support Hotline opens for vulnerable Queenslanders in COVID-19 quarantine

The Minister for Communities and the Minister for Disability Services and Seniors announced a hotline has been activated in QLD to support people who have been advised to quarantine at home.

The Community Recovery Hotline (1800 173 349) will work with partner organisations to arrange non-contact delivery of essential food and medication to people who have no other means of support.

  • Coronavirus hotline – 1800 983 006

    It is free and nurses are available 24/7 to take your call.

  • Benestar Employee Assistance Program

    Benestar is Endeavour Foundation’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider and they are enlisted by Endeavour Foundation to help, listen, and provide advice to you. If you need support, please reach out to Benestar – they are here for you.

    Call 1300 360 364
    Company ID: ENDVF
    Company Token: ENDVF01

  • Endeavour Foundation Coronavirus response team –

  • Latest government information –

  • Rostering – 1800 800 585

  • Complex Support Hub

    The Complex Support Hub can set up an online meeting with your team / leaders to go through concerns or answer any questions the service may have regarding changes to customer behaviour.

    You can contact our Complex Support Hub via email at or phone 0417 472 454.

    Find out more in the Complex Support Hub Practice Bulletin.


COVID-19 Myths

Leave Entitlements

While we navigate through the continuously evolving COVID-19 situation, we want to ensure your safety and wellbeing remain a top priority.

I would like to remind you of the range of additional leave offerings available to support your wellbeing during this period, should you need to access additional leave due to impacts from COVID-19.

The following additional leave offerings are available to all Endeavour Foundation and Community Solutions Group employees. These additional measures will allow staff to be in their best position if faced with absences as a result of COVID-19:

  • Allocated personal leave balances can be used to cover sick leave or carer’s leave when related to COVID-19.

  • Access up to ten (10) days’ negative annual leave (pro-rata) when your annual leave and long service leave entitlements are exhausted.

    Please be mindful that if you choose to take this option, should you leave the organization prior to accruing a positive balance, you will be required to repay the outstanding balance from your final payment.

  • Additional financial hardship support of up to ten (10) days paid leave (pro-rata) to cover absences where all annual, long service, and 10 days negative annual leave are exhausted (assessed on a case-by-case basis, as approved by Endeavour).

  • Casual employees may be entitled to up to ten (10) days’ additional paid special leave (prorata) due to COVID-19 absences.

There are a broad variety of scenarios which our employees may encounter during the coming months. First and foremost, we want to assure people that Endeavour Foundation is here to support you. Specific guidance on a number of example scenarios where the above additional entitlements may apply are outlined in the Leave Entitlement Scenario guide.

For more information on these additional leave entitlements, read our Fact Sheet and download the Leave Entitlements FAQs.

All additional measures and examples are accurate per current legislative conditions but may change with future Government policy decisions.

You can check your current personal and annual leave balances via your Peoplesoft Employee Self Service portal on our intranet to confirm your current leave status.


Scenarios for JobKeeper

  • Jenny ordinarily receives $1,800 a fortnight before tax, and is continuing her normal hours, so she will continue to receive her regular income and the JobKeeper payment will help her employer by subsidising part of her ordinary income.
  • Brett ordinarily receives $900 a fortnight before tax and is continuing to work his normal hours, and is eligible for JobKeeper, so he will receive $1,500 a fortnight before tax.
  • Carly usually works part-time, with a fortnightly pay of $1000 (before tax). Carly’s shifts have ceased due to COVID-19 and she has been stood down. Carly is eligible to receive JobKeeper payments and will receive $1500 per fortnight (before tax).
  • John usually work full time, with a fortnightly pay of $2280 (before tax), which is $30 per hour. John’s shifts have reduced due to COVID-19. He has been working 40 hours per fortnight and taking the rest as annual leave. John has been receiving normal time each fortnight of $1200 (before tax) and $1080 (before tax) of annual leave. John is eligible to receive JobKeeper payments. John will continue to work 40 hours per fortnight and will receive $1500 (before tax) each fortnight. John can decide whether he wants to continue to use his annual leave to top him up for the fortnight to his typical fortnightly pay of $2280 (before tax).

JobKeeper FAQs

  • How does JobKeeper work?

    Eligible employers will be paid a minimum $1,500 per fortnight per eligible employee. This applies to all eligible employees whether they are working full time, part time or currently stood down.

    Eligible employees will receive from their employers a minimum of $1,500 per fortnight, before tax. What this means is that if you currently earn more than $1500 per fortnight, you will continue to receive your salary and the JobKeeper payment helps to subsidise that salary so that Endeavour can keep more people in their jobs. If you currently earn less than $1500 per fortnight, you will be paid the full $1500 per fortnight, less the tax amount, so you will receive a greater salary than normal.

    The JobKeeper payment is not a bonus payment on top of your current wage, but instead is a Government contribution towards salary costs to maintain business viability.

  • How does JobKeeper work with Access Pay?

    If you are currently salary packaging through Access Pay, you can continue to do so, as the JobKeeper payment is taxable. You do not need to contact Access Pay and advise them that you are receiving JobKeeper.

  • What does this mean for Endeavour Foundation?

    We are making an application to access this scheme on the basis that our April financial forecast meets the revenue decline eligibility requirements.

    The ability to access JobKeeper payments is both a positive and a negative for Endeavour Foundation. It means we are able to access Government support to help us pay our employees, in particular those who have been directly impacted by our service closures, which is a great result. It does however mean that we are experiencing significant reductions in revenue estimated to be worth $70M per annum based on current data.

    Importantly, it’s critical to highlight that the JobKeeper payments only subsidise a portion of the revenue losses being incurred by Endeavour Foundation during the COVID 19 crisis. There is still a significant gap between the decrease in revenue we are experiencing and the wage subsidies the JobKeeper program will provide. The ELT and Board are working on a strategic approach to managing this challenge, which will we share as it is finalised.

  • What does this mean for me?

    Whether your role at Endeavour has currently been impacted or not and you fall under the criteria of an eligible employee, you can access the JobKeeper payment, which will be managed by the People and Culture team.

    For Endeavour Foundation to access JobKeeper payments to pass through to you, it does require action from all eligible employees.

    Importantly, the eligible payment periods of the JobKeeper program are from 30 March 2020 until the end of September 2020.

  • What is JobKeeper?

    The JobKeeper payment helps businesses severely impacted by COVID 19, cover a portion of their employees’ wages, so more Australians can retain their jobs and continue to earn an income. The JobKeeper scheme assists by paying a portion of eligible employees’ wages. Without this funding support, many organisations would not be able to afford to retain their employees.

    Its purpose is to help keep more Australians in jobs and earn a base level income, even if it is less than their normal salary, as well as help businesses maintain a connection to their employees.

  • When is JobKeeper effective from?

    JobKeeper is effective from 30th March. What this means is, if you earned less than $1500 per fortnight from 30th March to 17th April, you will receive a top up payment this week. Ongoing, if you earn less than $1500 per fortnight, you will be receiving $1500, less tax.

  • Will I be reimbursed leave that I have used already?

    No, the introduction of the JobKeeper payment does not have an impact on any leave you have already utilised and been paid for.

  • Can I change my leave requests going forward? For example from annual leave to leave without pay? Or from full pay annual leave to half pay annual leave?

    Yes. If you wish to change leave for the pay period ending 1 May, you will need to cancel the leave in PeopleSoft and resubmit the leave, and have your manager approve it by close of business 1 May. You can also change your leave for future fortnights.

  • Can I decline shifts now that I will be getting JobKeeper?

    No, you must still comply with any reasonable request to attend work. If you refuse a reasonable request to attend work you will no longer be paid the JobKeeper payment.

  • What is an ‘eligible employee’ for JobKeeper?

    In keeping with the definitions provided by government, an eligible employee under the JobKeeper Payment scheme means:

    • You are employed by Endeavour Foundation (including if you have been stood down or re-hired)
    • You are either a
      • permanent full-time or part-time employee at 1 March 2020
      • long-term casual employee (employed on a regular and systematic basis for at least 12 months) as at 1 March 2020 and not a permanent employee of any other employer
    • You were at least 16 years of age on 1 March 2020
    • You were an Australian resident as at 1 March 2020 within the meaning of the Social Security Act 1991, which requires that you reside in Australia, and are one an Australian citizen, the holder of a permanent visa, or a Protected Special Category Visa Holder. More information about these requirements can be found from the Services Australia website under residence descriptions. You can also be an Australian tax resident who is a Special Category (Subclass 444) Visa Holder. Employees who are not permanent residents of Australia must notify Endeavour Foundation of their visa status to allow us to determine if you are eligible.
    • You were not in receipt of any of these payments during each JobKeeper fortnight you wish to apply for
      • government parental leave or Dad and partner pay
      • a payment in accordance with Australian worker compensation law for an individual’s total incapacity for work
    • You agree to be nominated by Endeavour Foundation
      • you can only nominate one eligible employer to receive JobKeeper subsidy payments from
  • If I was stood down or moved to reduced hours that put me below a wage of $1500 per fortnight from 1 April and when Endeavour Foundation applied for the JobKeeper program, am I entitled to any back pay?

    If you are an eligible employee, the JobKeeper payment scheme is available from 30 March 2020 to 27 September 2020. To be eligible to access the payment for the 2 fortnight’s worth of JobKeeper payments for the month of April, you MUST return your JobKeeper Nomination Form to Endeavour no later than 12pm Thursday 23 April. If you get the nomination back in time, you will receive these payments in the pay run on 6 May. If you do not get your Nomination Form back in time, you will not be eligible for any payments in April and your eligibility will commence from the May JobKeeper payments

  • If I am currently accessing the JobSeeker payment, am I eligible to also claim for JobKeeper?

    No you can only claim for one of the Government support programs. If you are eligible for JobKeeper per the eligibility criteria you will need to decide which payment you would like to access. We suggest you consider your financial situation when making this decision. Please visit the Services Australia website for more information.

  • If I am receiving JobKeeper from another employer, can I also receive JobKeeper from Endeavour Foundation?

    No, you can only receive JobKeeper from one employer. If you are a long-term casual and have other permanent employment, then you must nominate for JobKeeper via your permanent employer. If you have two part-time permanent employers and both are eligible for JobKeeper, you must select nominate and apply for organisation to receive your payments from.

  • Can I choose to be stood down from my role or not accept a redeployment and access the JobKeeper payment?

    No. The JobKeeper payment is intended to support businesses and their employees remain employed or connected with the organisation in the instance that a role can no longer be financially supported for the period of the Covid pandemic. It is not intended to fund an optional choice to work or not. If your role is required within the organisation in some capacity or it is impacted but there is a reasonable option for redeployment that will be the option that is provided to you.

  • Who should I speak to if I have any questions?

    If you have any questions, reach out to our People and Culture team at or on 07 3900 5460.

  • If I have been recently stood down, redeployed or been on reduced hours, do I still qualify for JobKeeper?

    Yes. So long as you meet the other eligibility criteria of JobKeeper

  • How much is the payment worth?

    The federal government will pay eligible employers $1,500 before tax per fortnight for each eligible worker. Employees will receive from their employers a minimum of $1,500 per fortnight, before tax.

    • If you currently earn more than $1500 before tax per fortnight, you will continue to receive your salary and the JobKeeper payment helps to subsidise that salary
    • If you currently earn less than $1500 before tax per fortnight, you will be paid the full $1500 per fortnight, less the taxed amount
    • The JobKeeper payment is not a ‘bonus’ payment to employees on top of their current wage
  • Will I receive $1,500 even if I ordinarily earn less?

    If an employee ordinarily receives less than $1,500 in income per fortnight before tax, their employer must pay them, at a minimum, $1,500 per fortnight, before tax. It is therefore possible for a long-term casual or part-time worker to receive more than their ordinary pay.

  • What about superannuation?

    Your superannuation will continue to be paid on your regular wages, but not on additional JobKeeper amounts you will receive if you currently earn under $1,500 per fortnight before tax.

  • Why is the JobKeeper payment important for Endeavour Foundation?

    The JobKeeper payment provides financial help for Endeavour Foundation to continue funding salaries of our employees. The JobKeeper funding helps:

    • Lessen the impact on changes to staff employment
    • restart when crisis is over
    • maintain connection to employees
    • help employees keep their jobs, even if hours are cut
    • help employees earn a suitable base-level income, even if less than their normal salary

    There are also some great resources online with further information on the JobKeeper program.



NDIS updates

The NDIS has a disaster recovery response page with all their specific updates around COVID-19 and how it impacts on planning meetings, as well as resources for participants



Finance Support

With rapidly changing advice being provided by Centrelink, banking institutions and Government departments, we’ve pulled together a list of resources to help you find information should you require it.

Mortgage payments

A number of Australia’s major banks will be allowing home loan customers to defer their home loan repayments for up to six months. You’ll need to apply through your home loan provider.


At the time of writing this, the Residential Tenancy Agency (RTA) had not received advice from the State or Federal Government that financial relief or legislative changes has been announced. Please refer to this website for more information about rental payments during COVID-19.

Childcare payments

Essential services such as early childhood education and care (while it is safe to do so) currently remain open. Additional child care subsidies (ACCS) may be available for those who are eligible which means you can receive up to 13 weeks of subsidies towards your child care fees. Find out more through MyGov.

Medibank (Health Insurance Partner for Endeavour Foundation)

Medibank has released an update around member support and COVID-19 with additional benefits for members related to COVID-19 and options to suspend policy payments through their financial hardship policy. Email if you have any questions.


There have been a number of new supports offered for people and families affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister has recently announced changes to the income test for people wishing to access the JobSeeker payment, meaning their partners could earn almost $80,000 a year and they would still be eligible for the payment.

For more information on financial support that may be available to you, click here.




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