New year, new energy

2021 provided us with unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. But these challenges did not hold us back, supporters like you have helped to make possibilities a reality for people with an intellectual disability across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

From the Get Work Ready program through to My Home My Life, this has meant great strides have been taken to provide new forms of support, guidance, employment, and care.

With your generosity this can and will continue through 2022 and beyond, establishing a brighter and bolder status quo for the people we support. Thank you as always, you are what makes this effort possible.

Rob Needham, Head of Fundraising



Making career dreams possible

How your generosity is helping to provide a greater sense of purpose through better job opportunities.

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Loud and Proud

Carol is proof that no dream is too big, if you have the right support.

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Adventure of a lifetime

The Great Endeavour Rally turned its biggest adventure in years into a major win for people with intellectual disability.

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Kicking Goals

We’re proud to announce that Endeavour Foundation is a Charity of Choice for the Brisbane Broncos in 2022.

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