February 2021 Newsletter

Andrew Donne

New year, new energy

This last year presented us with challenges like never before. But with the kindness and support of donors like you, we were able to achieve great things for some of our community’s most vulnerable members.

Thanks to your support, we had the resources to adapt quickly and provide the care and connection needed to get our community through uncertain times.

As we settle into 2021, we look forward to the year ahead. While things may still look a little different, our commitment to supporting people with intellectual disability remains the same.

And we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you once again for your loyalty and generosity.

Andrew Donne CEO

QArt – where the magic happens!

QArt artists

Tuesday 17 November 2020 was a very exciting day for the artists of QArt Studio in Melbourne.

After eight very long months the artists were able to return to work and to a wonderful surprise of newly painted magenta and orange doors. Gordon, one of the artists, had also painted the wall and added some special words

...And this is where the magic happens...

The QArt Studio is a magic place – the artists feel so fortunate to be able to work as artists, in a joyful, safe and busy environment.

The team shared recently how they feel to be back – Tiffany says that it feels a bit strange, Stefan is pumped while Jarrod and Shelby shouted out wonderful! Fantastic!

Henry says that he’s so happy to be doing art again and seeing friends and colleagues and Lisa rightly states that it feels normal. They all agree that they missed it too much…

If you would like to know more about QArt and how you can help further their activities, please visit

Thrive Online Hub gets bigger and better

During COVID-19 restrictions, we adapted our services to continue supporting our community. One of the ways we did this was with the launch of the Thrive Online Hub.

This online collection of resources, tools and information helps people with intellectual disability remain connected, despite social distancing and disruptions to other services.

And now, thanks to the support from people like you, we’re excited to share that we’ve launched phase two!

The addition of Thrive Learning makes the Thrive Online Hub an even more valuable resource. When participants sign up, they can choose from three different programs.

  • Accessible cooking
  • Introduction to fitness
  • Music through the ages

Each program has 10 modules, including instructional videos, workbooks and answer sheets, as well as a certificate of completion.

One of our supported employees, Cara, is a big fan of the cooking program, as is her mother Diana who said “We’ve picked up some great new tips and tricks about how to cook safely, which Cara will carry with her and use in her cooking from now on.”

We can’t wait to see more of our community build their confidence and independence through these fun and engaging programs which have all been made possible thanks to the generosity of people like you.

The Joker

A joke from Alex

Knock knock. Who’s there?

It’s Alex, our resident jokester, with another side-splitting joke to share.

Q: Why is it hard to talk to a racehorse?

A: They don’t stand around furlong

Eddie @ home

Like many people with disability, Eddie lived in a home that was unsafe. This had a dramatic effect on his emotional wellbeing.

Safe homes bring year-round joy

You may remember the story of Eddie, who was living with a housemate who bullied him. Even in his own home, he didn’t feel safe.

It’s heartbreaking to hear, but many people with disability find themselves in a similar situation. They live in accommodation that’s unsafe, but they have no other option.

The severe shortage of suitable housing puts people with disability at risk. Without safe, long-term housing, their health and wellbeing can deteriorate quickly. They are also at greater risk of becoming homeless.

That’s why we focused our Christmas appeal on building specialist homes for our community. We believe every Australian deserves a decent standard of living and to feel safe in their own home.

We’re determined to ease the housing shortage, and with your help, we know we can do it.

Suitable housing supports independence

Suitable homes

Steve Waters from Endeavour Foundation said living more independently is often a major life goal for people with intellectual disability.

“It’s something that their parents, family members and service providers such as Endeavour Foundation work hard to help them achieve.”

Specialist Disability Accommodation gives residents the ideal combination of support and independence. Accommodation may be more accessible to shops, services and transport, or include home modifications, assistive technology and in-home support.

Everyone deserves a safe space to live life, their way. Your support doesn’t just build a house, it creates a home.

Together, we can work to ease the housing shortage for people with intellectual disability by building and renovating safe, suitable homes.

houses illustration

Eddie as Santa

Where is Eddie now?

In contrast to a couple of years ago, Eddie is now living his best life in a home that suits his needs. He even enjoyed a trip to Bargara in Queensland for four nights over Christmas.

A support staff member and one of his housemates joined him on his beach getaway. The trip was very exciting for Eddie, especially after months of COVID restrictions.

Thanks to donors like you, Eddie is now living his best life in a welcoming, supportive home and he couldn’t be happier.

Eddie also loves to cook. Try his fried rice recipe for yourself!


1 cup uncooked long grain rice
1 200g packet ham
3 tablespoons oil
2 eggs
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 cup frozen veges, thawed


Bring a pot of water to a boil, adding a few pinches of salt. Add the rice and cook at a boil for 15-20 minutes or until the rice is tender.

Drain the rice well in a colander then rinse with cold water until cool to the touch.

Do this the night before and chill in fridge, if possible.

Heat half the oil in a wok over medium-high heat. Add the eggs and quickly scramble. Place on a plate to the side.

Add the remaining oil and fry off the ham.

Re add the eggs.

Stir the chilled rice and soy sauce into the eggs and cook, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes.

Add the frozen vege. Cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute or until the vegetables are heated through.

Serve immediately or freeze into portions once cooled.

2020 Christmas appeal results

Despite the challenges of 2020, you still stood by the people who needed you. Your donations totalled just over an incredible $85,000.

With your help, we’re planning to build and renovate 15 specialist homes over the next 12 months, and that’s just the beginning. Thanks to you, more people like Eddie will feel safe and secure, not just at Christmas but all year round.

Super support from Aon super fund

Working closely with Aon, our Corporate Partnerships team created a way for a better life in retirement for our supported employees in the years to come.

All of our supported employees who have a smartMonday by Aon superannuation fund account have their member fees offset as a result of Aon’s sponsorship of Endeavour Foundation. This results in more dollars in supported employees super accounts for their retirement years.

And the great news is that even during the period of disruption of Covid-19, this generous sponsorship by Aon continued to the benefit of our supported employees.

Thank you to Aon and our Corporate Partnerships team for this fantastic outcome.

Virtual learning teaches real-world skills

Virtual reality

On-the-job training is great; but imagine if you could practice in the virtual world first. Students across all levels of ability now have this opportunity, thanks to the contributions of donors like you.

In combination with our long-standing partner Arrow Energy, we have established Virtual Reality Learning hubs at regional schools in Dalby, Miles, Chinchilla, Dysart and Moranbah.

Virtual reality technology allows students to practise potentially dangerous aspects of daily life without risk. Activities include crossing a road, catching a train or learning to drive a car.

It also provides an opportunity for young people to practise job-ready skills. These include how to safely cross a warehouse floor, operate a forklift or work as a barista.

Thirteen-year-old Kayden from Miles State High School said the training was fun.

“It was awesome. It’s much better to look at things to learn it”.

The response so far has been very positive. Students love the immersive experience and teachers appreciate seeing students develop their confidence and have fun learning.

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Arrow Energy through 2021 as we roll out this life-changing program.

This exciting project was assisted with the award of a Perpetual grant. By being able to demonstrate the positive outcomes of the program, we were awarded a grant from The Gladys Myrtle Brown Charitable Trust to support young Queenslanders with disability in regional and rural areas with post-school transition. This second project saw a further seven regional Queensland schools receive the hubs in the second half of 2020.

Practising in the virtual world prepares students to tackle the real world.

A gift inspired

A gift inspired by Glenn

Most of us would like to leave the world a little better off. Long-time supporter Thelma Stoddart is doing just that, with her decision to leave a gift in her Will to Endeavour Foundation.

This gift is a reflection of her life, experiences and values, and will help to improve the lives of people with intellectual disability long into the future.

Thelma has an enduring relationship with Endeavour Foundation. Her son Glenn, 55, has been receiving our support since the age of four.


Thelma was widowed when Glenn was two, leaving her to raise four children on her own. When Glenn was a teenager, she put his name on a waiting list for Endeavour Foundation housing.

After two years of waiting, a place became available in Bundaberg. While it was a long way from their home in Brisbane, the family decided to embrace the opportunity to support Glenn’s independence.

Glenn has been happily living in Bundaberg ever since. He is involved in many activities in supported accommodation like 10-pin bowling, water aerobics, yoga and martial arts. He also delivers Meals on Wheels and sings in the local choir.

For Thelma, it’s reassuring to know that Glenn is thriving being cared for and living his best life. When her two other sons passed away and she was recovering from a major car accident, preventing her driving up regularly to see Glenn, it was even more important.

He has a place to build a life
for himself, one with real
community and care.

With this firsthand experience, Thelma understands the difference a gift in her Will can make. It can help provide critical accommodation and support for people like Glenn, now and into the future.

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Sharon Johnson, Planned Giving Coordinator, on (07) 3908 7134 or email sharon.johnson@endeavour.com.au for a confidential conversation.