Our Gift in Will (GIW) Promises

These are the promises we make to anyone who is considering leaving a gift in their Will to Endeavour Foundation.


Endeavour Foundation is committed to making a difference to the lives of people with an intellectual disability.

So, we will always ask people to leave something to Endeavour Foundation, to raise awareness of the difference these gifts can make in the lives of our most marginalised and vulnerable Australians.

We fully recognise that it is your decision and you need to make it in your own time.


You can tell us that you’ve left a gift if you want to, and we’d love to hear – but you don’t need to tell us. That is your choice.


We fully realise rightly, that your family and loved ones will always come first. We understand that you will share your wishes with them too.


Your privacy will always be respected. We recognise and appreciate that your Will is completely personal to you alone.


We will use your gift carefully and cost effectively so that it has the greatest impact for people with an intellectual disability. And we will handle whatever gift you leave us with care, sensitivity and respect.


Your gift is highly valued, and your memory will be honoured.

Your gift can help champion inclusion, access and opportunities for people with a disability.

Your generosity could assist in funding specialised housing, training and skill-building for employment, new learning technologies and community engagement opportunities.

Each of those services enables people with intellectual disability to live their best lives now and, in the future.


You have the right to change your mind about leaving a gift in your Will to Endeavour Foundation now or, at any time in the future.

You do not need to tell us if you do this.