To pass my learner’s permit and help my mum – Paul.
To work in a coffee shop and see people every day – Tegan.
To be a gardener and make things grow – Josh.

People with intellectual disability have beautiful dreams.


Kasane recently shared these words with us: “It’s a lovely voice in my heart. It tells me to believe in myself and try new things. I love it.”

Can you guess what she’s describing?

Kasane is talking about something you might take for granted if you have it – confidence.

Sadly, many people with intellectual disability have little or no confidence. There’s no lovely voice in their heart. They don’t believe in themselves because, in daily life, their experience is that – outside their family circle – most people don’t believe in them.

As a result, many people with intellectual disability lead isolated lives. They’re unable to explore or develop their interests and abilities – or to follow their dreams.

That’s why I hope you’ll help make dreams come true because, in doing so, you’ll change someone’s life forever.

Paul started attending our centre in Caboolture, Queensland, early last year. From day one, he had a very clear idea of what he wanted to achieve.

Paul’s always loved cars and he wanted to learn how to drive.

“Paul is a champion,” says Konnie, his support worker. “He can do anything he puts his mind to.”

Like many people with intellectual disability, Paul might never have had the chance to learn to drive without the generosity of people like you. It’s this generosity that helps open up the world for people like him.

Paul joined our Thrive learning program, which enables people to gain the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to dream big and achieve their goals. It covers everything from health, wellbeing, and the life skills that enable someone to be as independent as possible – in Paul’s case, learning to drive.

Whatever someone’s dream is, the Thrive learning program can help them achieve it – whether it’s working in a café, running a business or, like Paul, gaining a vital life skill.

That’s why I’m hoping you’ll enable us to raise $120,000 that could take our Thrive learning program to the next level.

Please will you give a tax-deductible gift today and help someone like Paul take the first steps towards achieving their dream?

The impact of your generosity


You could help give someone with intellectual disability a safe and happy home suitable to their needs.

Your kindness gives access to Learning and Lifestyle programs to enhance independence.

Your gift creates opportunities for people with disability to work, earn an income, and have a career.