Virginia's Appeal

Help ease the terrible shortage of housing for people with disabilities.

Like anyone her age, Virginia wants to be independent. She wants to move into a home with other young people, where she feels safe and comfortable and can do the things she loves.

You can help make this happen.

Donate today and help create more homes for Virginia and other people with disabilities.

Your kindness will give Virginia much more than a roof over her head. You will help ease her loneliness by giving her somewhere she belongs. Somewhere she can make friends her own age and connect with her community.

Somewhere she can live the life she wants.

Like any parent, Virginia’s mum Mareesa wants her daughter to be happy. And she wants to know Virginia will be able to live a fulfilling life when she is no longer around to care for her. It’s not much to ask.

But like so many other people with disabilities, Virginia is missing out on those opportunities because there simply isn’t enough housing.

It is only with the generosity of people like you that we can urgently respond to the severe shortage of accommodation for people with disability.

Your gift will give Virginia and others the safety and comfort of their own home. It will help provide the security and sense of belonging that Virginia so desperately needs.

Please donate today.

The impact of your generosity


You could give people like Virginia safe & happy home suited to their needs.

Your kindness gives access to Learning and Lifestyle programs to enhance independence.

Your gift creates opportunities for people with disability to work, earn an income, and have a career.