Eddie was being bullied in his own home—the place that should be a sanctuary.

A severe shortage of suitable housing is putting people with disability at risk.

You know the feeling. You put the key in the front door. You take a deep breath. And relax.

You can leave the world outside. You’re home. Where everything is just how you like it. Where you’re most comfortable. Where you feel safe.

Until recently, Eddie had never experienced that feeling. He used to dread coming home at the end of each day.

61-year-old Eddie has cerebral palsy and he’s unable to speak, so he communicates in his own way—mainly by writing on his iPad. He also has an intellectual disability, which means that he needs extra support with everyday things, like cooking and paying the bills.

“I was deeply concerned about what Eddie had gone through,” Rowena, his Support Manager, said, “so I made enquiries. It turned out he had been living in unsuitable accommodation. His housemate was highly volatile. Eddie had been suffering from bullying in his own home.”

Many people with disability find themselves in the same predicament. They are living in accommodation where they don’t even feel safe, never mind comfortable—and they can’t escape.

Right now, there is a severe shortage of suitable housing. When people like Eddie can’t find the right home, they can quickly become isolated. Their health and wellbeing can deteriorate quickly.

The severe housing shortage is putting more people with disability in this terrible predicament.

It wasn’t easy for us to find Eddie a place to call his own. And it certainly wasn’t easy explaining to him that there weren’t enough homes for people like him.

That’s why we’re determined to ease the housing shortage. But we can only do this with your help. Please will you give a gift today and help build 15 specialist new homes over the next 12 months?

The impact of your generosity


You could help give someone with intellectual disability a safe and happy home suitable to their needs.

Your kindness gives access to Learning and Lifestyle programs to enhance independence.

Your gift creates opportunities for people with disability to work, earn an income, and have a career.