Endeavour Foundation in Central Queensland

A bit about us in Central Queensland

Here in Central Queensland, we are passionate about seeing people with disability achieve their goals and be part of our strong community.

Endeavour Foundation has been part of local communities throughout Central Queensland since 1958, supporting people with disability to live, learn, work and flourish according to their own interests and priorities. Whether it’s learning life skills, living independently, socialising and making new friends, finding a job or exploring interests and trying new things, we work with people with disability to make possibilities a reality.

Find out about our Disability Services and Business Services in Central Queensland.

There are many ways to get involved with Endeavour Foundation. You can volunteer, donate and also buy Endeavour Foundation lottery tickets. Visit our Get Involved page to find out how we can make our community a more accessible and inclusive place.

For career options with Endeavour Foundation, check our Careers at Endeavour Foundation page.

Disability services in this region

Learning and Lifestyle Hubs

Our Learning and Lifestyle hubs are fun, welcoming day programs designed for people with disability who want to learn more, do more and know more.

Supported Employment

We offer people with disability a range of employment and training options including work experience, career pathways and supported employment to help you reach your goals and find a job you love.

Supported Independent Living

As a leader in Supported Independent Living (SIL), we help people with disability live in a home they love while receiving the supports they need.

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Business services in this region

We work with commercial customers to produce high quality products and services while helping to provide meaningful employment for people with disability.

Our Area Advisory Group’s members have been associated with Endeavour Foundation for over 30 years and provide a local community connection between the Board and senior management to assist and advocate for the people we support within our local community.

We hold regular fundraising events such as the well known and popular Cent Sale in Biloela’s Civic Centre, run twice per year.

Central Queensland Area Advisory Group Contact

For more information about our Central Queensland Area Advisory Group, please contact:

Carly Cameron
Advisory Group Coordinator, Endeavour Foundation
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3155 5559

Join your local area committee

Area Advisory Group FAQs:

Do I need to be a Member of Endeavour Foundation to join an Area Advisory Group?

Yes, although if you are not a current Member of Endeavour Foundation, you must apply within 30 days of your appointment to an Area Advisory Group.

Who can join an Area Advisory Group?

We welcome people with a variety of connections to disability:

  • Clients of Endeavour Foundation
  • Direct family members of clients
  • Non-family primary carers of clients
  • Guardians of people with a disability
  • Advocates for people with a disability
  • Individuals with experience or skills valuable to the specific Area Advisory Group

The Chief Executive Officer will review applications to ensure a strong and diverse group.

How long is a term of appointment on an Area Advisory Group?

Area Advisory Group terms are three years, with the possibility of renewal by the Chief Executive Officer if you continue to meet eligibility requirements.

How often do Area Advisory Groups hold meetings?

Area Advisory Groups meet quarterly to fulfil their role and functions or as agreed by the accountable Senior Executive and the Chair of the Area Advisory Group.

However, the exact frequency can be determined jointly by the accountable Senior Executive and the Chair of the Area Advisory Group, depending on the group's needs and workload.

Do I need to attend the meeting in person?

We know your time is valuable. That’s why you have the option to attend meetings online via Teams or in person at a local Endeavour Foundation site.

What volunteering tasks are required of me?

We value your time and want you to contribute in a way that works for you. Each group works together to leverage the strengths and interests of its members.

For specific details on typical member involvement, please contact us.

Who can I contact for further information?

Carly Cameron
Advisory Group Coordinator, Endeavour Foundation
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3155 5559