Our range of fireplace and BBQ hearths are manufactured to the highest quality and are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your particular requirements.

About our products

  • Low moulded Tasmanian Oak edge bevelled to the floor, aluminium, bronze, or steel angle finish.
  • Hearths constructed from laminated fibre cement sheeting with construction grade adhesives and bisketed joints for extra strength and durability.
  • Tiles or slate fixed to the base with a rubber based glue to compensate for any movement before installation.
  • Additives added to grout to prevent flaking.
  • Slate lacquered with an external grade clear finish for extra durability. (Fireplace hearths only).

Colour Options

Other colours may be available on request.

Colour and uses

BBQ hearths

BBQ hearths are made using ceramic tiles and are available in two colour options - grey or terracotta. They are ideal for using on concrete floors, timber decks, apartment balconies or similar.

Fireplace hearths

Like BBQ hearths, fireplace hearths are available in grey and terracotta ceramic tiles, however fireplace hearths also come in black or multicolour slate. Whilst ceramic tiles and slate are both great options - slate is the ideal material to use for a fireplace. It is a very durable natural stone, it is easy to clean and is available in a variety of mottled natural tones. It also looks great next to a burning fire!

Please note – Our hearths are not suitable for pot belly type stoves.



  1. 1200 wide x 1000 deep straight wall
  2. 1000 wide x 1200 deep straight wall
  3. 1200 wide x 1200 deep corner
  4. 1000 wide x 1000 deep straight wall
  5. 1200 wide x 1200 deep straight wall


BBQ hearths can be customised to any size. These hearths are ideal in areas of limited space, or where a flush to the floor look is preferred.


Endeavour Foundation hearths can be purchased on-site at our Warwick location at: 26 Activity Street.


To contact us call 1800 117 247 or email business.solutions@endeavour.com.au