22 January 2021


Dear Mt Druitt team and family members/carers,


As you are aware, we had a very difficult experience at Mt Druitt this week when a supported employee was hurt on site. Many of you will have heard news reports with some upsetting details.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Adelle, who remains in hospital, and her family. We are in regular contact with Adelle’s partner and are continuing to offer him support.

Sadly, this was a tragic situation where someone came on site intent on harming one of our valued employees. We will review what took place and consider whether we could have prevented this in some way.

I am extremely grateful and want to personally say thank you to the people who tried to protect and help Adelle on Wednesday. This shows our values and the way we care for each other. It makes me proud to work with such great people.

I understand that you may be feeling upset about what happened. If so, I encourage you to speak to an employment coach or team leader. Many people also spoke to the counsellors on site this week. The counsellors will also be available on Wednesday January 27, to ensure everyone has the support they need.

The police were also at our workplace yesterday to gather information about what happened. No-one is in trouble with the police. They needed to ask questions so they could help to keep Adelle safe.

It is important that we continue to support and help each other at this time. I encourage you to speak to your employment coach or team leader if you have any concerns.

All employees and family members can call our phone counselling line if you need to talk things over. The number is 1300 360 364 and there is no charge for this service.

I know we will get through this difficult time together. My thoughts are with you.


Kind regards,

Eric Teed
General Manager – Work & Community