Thriving at home

Sometimes, COVID-19 means that everyone is asked to stay at home and limit their time within their communities to keep everyone safe. “Self isolation” can be a significant change to our routines, so we’ve pulled together some tips and tricks so you can live your best life, from home.

What does “Self Isolation” mean? Click here for an Easy Read to help explain the concept.

7 steps to thrive at home

Step 1. Get organized!

Build yourself a weekly schedule. Sit down each Sunday and work out what you want to achieve for the week ahead. It should be a balance between passion projects, necessities and perhaps even things you’ve always wanted to try or learn more about. Click here to download an example of a weekly planner and blank template so you can build your own.


Step 2. Exercise daily.

Exercise is essential for everyone. It helps us stay fit, healthy and energetic, and exercise can also help us maintain our mental health. There’s so many ways to make exercise fun, you might not even realise you’ve got a sweat on! Click here to learn how to create a weekly exercise plan. Click here to build your own exercise plan. We have listed our favourite work out websites and activites here.


Step 3. Make healthy choices is easy when you have the right information.

Click here to learn more about healthy eating options. Print out the pie-chart of healthy eating options put it on your fridge and you can even create a food diary. And remember, we should all drink 2 liters of water every day.


Step 4. Find new ways to stay in touch with your friends and family.

Isolation doesn’t mean you’re alone! There’s plenty of ways to stay connected, we’ve got a whole lot of advice here.


Step 5. Focus on how you’re feeling.

When things in life change, sometimes we can feel angry, sad or frustrated, and that’s OK. We all respond to different situations in our own way. There’s lots of ways you can communicate how you’re feeling to those around you. Click here for a quick way to show someone how you feel, without saying a word. Beyond Blue have an online checklist that can help you monitor how you’re feeling and when you might need to seek support. And if you need further help – click here for a list of support providers.


Step 6. Limit social media and news consumption.

Give yourself a time limit for how long you intend to be on social media or watching the news each day and try to stick to it. Sometimes over exposure can cause worry and anxiety.


Step 7. Incorporate something fun into every day.

Play board games, watch movies, sing along to the radio, practice a new dance; the choice is yours! Kindness Bingo is one of our favorites. There’s a whole list of ideas for fun here.


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