The Thrive Learning program is a series of fun, interactive and accessible learning programs designed by Endeavour Foundation and aligned to the activities offered in our Learning and Lifestyle hubs.

There are 3 programs available - cooking, fitness and music. Each program has 10 modules, each with an instructional video, accompanying workbook and answer sheet. You can complete them at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. For a limited time, this program is being offered at no cost, to all people with intellectual disability. So what are you waiting for? Sign up below to get started.


Let’s get started

To access the Thrive Learning programs, simply fill out this form, letting us know which of the programs you would like to receive and we will send you everything you need to get started. Do one or all three - the choice is yours!


  • No cost for a limited time
  • 10 learning modules for each program
  • Instructional follow-along learning videos
  • Easy-read fillable PDF workbooks
  • Personalised web page to track your progress
  • Certificate of completion for each module

Accessible cooking - the basics

If you like cooking (and eating!) delicious recipes then this is the program for you!

By the end of this program you will:
  • have a basic understanding of some utensils used in the kitchen
  • increase your ability and confidence in making quick, healthy snacks and meals
  • be aware of risks when cooking and apply safe cooking practices

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Introduction to fitness

Do you want to be fitter, stronger and healthier? Or maybe you just want to learn more about your body and have some fun moving!

By the end of this program you will:
  • know the names and locations of body parts and muscles
  • correctly perform warm-up and cool-down routines
  • correctly perform a range of upper and lower body movements with a focus on building your strength and cardio fitness

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Music through the decades

Get ready to rock!

By the end of this program you will:
  • have listened to songs from the 50's through to the 90's
  • have learnt about some of the biggest musical artists in the world including some that are still popular today
  • have learnt about how some songs were written and even have a go at writing your own song!

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Endeavour Foundation Supported Employee
Toowoomba, QLD

"I loved rolling the peanut butter balls. My niece is 3 and we rolled them together. It was messy but we didn't mind. And then we could share them."

Stewart Koplick
Service design and implementation partner, Endeavour Foundation

"We have developed Thrive Learning in conjunction with, and for people with intellectual disability. Through use of short videos, supportive written materials and highly visual content, Thrive Learning has made online learning accessible for everyone."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to watch the videos in order from 1 to 10?

    These programs have been designed to build on your skills development each week. For example, the Module 7 Introduction to Fitness video might refer to exercises learnt in the Module 3 video, so it does help to watch them in order. However, you do have the option to skip modules – you can always come back to them again later.

  • How long do the programs take to complete?

    How long do the programs take to complete?

    Each module will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. This will vary slightly depending on which program you are participating in. You can work through the modules at your own pace – you could choose to do a few in one day or spread them out over a few weeks.

  • How much does the Thrive Learning Program cost?

    For a limited time, the Thrive Learning program is being offered as a free online learning resource.

  • I’m not a current Endeavour Foundation customer – can I still do the program?

    Yes. This program is available to all people with intellectual disability.

  • I’m only interested in one of the three programs; do I have to do all three?

    You can do as many or as few of these video modules as you like. If you only want to do cooking and music, fine. Or maybe you want to do all three – great! The choice is yours.

  • I’m ready to sign-up – now what?

    To get started fill out the registration form at the top of this page. Once completed, you will receive a welcome email and be directed to the first module of your selected program.

  • I can see the video, but I can’t hear it

    There are two different places you can look to check if your volume on your computer is working. First, look for the volume button in the bottom left hand corner of the video screen – make sure the volume is not muted and turned right up. Secondly, check the volume on your computer by looking for the little speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of your toolbar. Click on it and make sure it is turned up.

  • I don’t have a computer – can I watch the videos on a different device?

    All the videos are accessible via a private channel. You can watch the videos on any smart device with access to the internet.

  • I don’t have a printer – can I still do the workbooks?

    Yes. The workbooks are editable PDFs meaning you can type your answers right into the space below each question. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader - for further instructions look at the Adobe user guide in the ‘Need Help’ section of the Thrive Learning webpage. And don’t forget to save your answers as you go!

  • I’ve finished all three programs – what else can I do?

    The Thrive Learning programs are aligned to the activities offered in the Endeavour Foundation Learning and Lifestyle hubs. Why not come and visit one of our sites and experience some of our fun activity programs in the flesh? With regular updates and plenty to choose from – you’ll never run out of exciting new things to try!

    To find the hub closest to you, get in touch with one of our friendly customer service team at or call 1800 112 112.

  • What equipment do I need to participate in these programs?

    You’ll need a smart device and internet connection. If you have a smart device but don’t have access to the internet at home, you might be able to connect to public or guest WIFI at your local library or café.

    The cooking modules require additional kitchen equipment and recipe ingredients – a full list of all required items can be found in the workbooks for each module.

  • What’s included?

    There are 3 different learning areas:

    • Music through the decades
    • Introduction to fitness
    • Accessible cooking – the basics

    Each program has 10 modules which include a 10-minute instructional video and supporting editable workbook and answer sheet.