There’s so many ways you can practice numeracy skills in day to day life.

Whether it’s walking the dog, planting flowers in the garden or cooking a meal, you can always make connections between what you’re doing and the world of learning – even if you’re not surrounded by lots of people.

Here’s a few ideas on how you can keep those numeracy skills sharp each day:


Play games – Monopoly, Connect 4 and Dominos are our top picks.



Order your groceries online. You can count the number of items, the cost of different items and the total cost for categories like fresh food.



Play or watch a sport. Keep track of the score and the team stats.



Measure the height of things around your home or even plants out in the garden.



Baking recipes with specific measurements in cups or grams are a good way to practice numeracy, and you get a tasty reward at the end.



Maps of countries or the world are a good way to measure the distance between locations, compare the size of different areas and count the number of rivers and oceans for a specific country. Who says maths and geography can’t be combined!



Clocks. You can set timers on your phone, on your microwave or oven to demonstrate length of time, or practice reading digital and analogue clocks.


Here are a few numeracy activities you can do at home: