Music not only helps us communicate and express our feelings it also provides us with the opportunity to get our groove on! You can dance the day and night away to our favourite tunes by putting on your favourite CD, listening via online platforms, and music streaming services. With so many different types of music, there will always be something that will sooth your soul through music and give you a chance to boogie!

We’ve created music activities for you to try!

Match the music

Match songs to musicians and see which musical instruments you know.

Music trivia

Test your musical knowledge!

Do it yourself

AA lot of people are using their time to learn how to play musical instruments like guitar and drums. If you don’t have musical instruments at home, you can make your own! Here’s how.

Listening to tunes

If listening to music is more your jam, we’ve got something for you, too. People around the world are using music to cheer each other up while they are at home. Here are some videos that might cheer you up:

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